A Versatile Bomber: Marc New York

Andrew Marc all-weather bomber jacket; Perfect for those daily commuters who need something they can pack in a book bag or suitcase
When the folks at Andrew Marc asked us to take a pick from their current line-up, we took it seriously. It’s easy to just go for the most pricey item or the fanciest but, I wanted to stick with something that I actually needed, would buy, and would offer versatility. I landed on their latest creation, a lightweight bomber. 

I’m in the process of restructuring my wardrobe, and with this restructure I need key pieces. I need items that are purposeful as well as stylish. This bomber fit the bill in many ways. (I’ll have the details of my wardrobe in a few months). Here's why I like it…
1. It’s Weatherproof. I say this in the sense of the material will allow me to comfortably go through a day that may go from windy, to rainy, to chilly, then warm. It’s a jacket, so that’s the keep me warm part. It’s lined with a lightweight jersey, that’s the keep me cool part. Then the material is essentially a windbreaker raincoat mashup, so that’s that. 

2. It’s Stylish. Bombers and baseball jackets are timeless. I just can’t even really imagine a world without them. When you choose a size that’s slightly fitted, it actually creates a slimming effect that’s very neat and attractive.
3. It's Portable. I guess you could say all clothing is portable…. but not really. Certain materials are easier than others to fold up and carry on the go — this jacket is made with one. It takes up minimum real estate in your bag, but when you take it out and put it on it gives you great style and protection from the elements. 

You take those three points with a reasonable price tag and this becomes an easy new addition to anyone’s wardrobe. I can see it being worn with a slim fitted suit– to give the formality a pop. I can see it at the beach paired only with trunks– just in case it gets windy. Then of course I see it as a simple daily wearer– maybe for a biker or someone who commutes and wants a lightweight jacket to have in their bag just in case. 

Purchase this versatile Andrew Marc bomber, here. 

Pair the Andrew Marc jacket with Common Projects Achilles Low – navy or white. 

ATLANTA STYLE: The Rise of Sneaker Culture, High Museum of Art



“Wait… I sneaker exhibit at The High?!” That was the general reaction when people learned that Atlanta's finest museum would have a bunch of rubber-soled athletic shoes on display this summer. The concept intrigued me so I made plans to go opening night, and I must say it was quite the experience.


As I walked up to the High Museum of Art it seemed as if I had entered into an alternate universe or atleast onto the set of a movie… “Panda… Panda Panda Panda”. Are they playing Future, I mean, Desiigner? Bro… seriously, what's going on here?!  I had never seen so much hip-hop flavor at my neighborhood museum. You see I go to The High quite often, just about once a week or so. And while I’ve definitely experienced lots of music, people, and dancing in the courtyard of The High, I’d never seen this before. It was like a high-end, fancy HBCU cookout where dress code required sneakers valued no less than $300..



As I made my way past the DJ booth, dancing, and model-types I headed up to the exhibit. There it was: “SNEAKER CULTURE” p a c k e d  to the max. An elementary school single file line had organically formed, as hundreds began making there way around the exhibit. That night I got a good look around, saw a few stylishly-inclined friends, and a even a few NBA players (also a first for me at The High). But I realized if I wanted to truly experience SNEAKER CULTURE, the exhibit, I had to return post-opening weekend. So I did.

Yesterday I made my way back to The High Museum of Art. First I perused the main building, floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, then cross the bridge and down a level to see it once more. Let’s just say, the crowd was very different this time, instead of 6’9 NBA players and their entourage I was met with spry 80 yr old, I mean young, folks and their grand children. It was cool. Now, I could really see what this exhibit was about.




I understood the simple, minimal concept from day 1… the shoes are the art, put them in cases. I get it, I do. But, *pondering face*, I don’t know. I can’t front I was skeptical the first night, it almost seemed elementary.  But I decided that I needed to calm my millennial self down, chill, and steadily peruse the exhibit like you're suppose to. I made my rounds again, this time paying more attention to the detail and actually reading the information about the shoes.

On opening night some friends and visitors commented on each shoe lacking: the original price vs current valued price, the popularity of the shoe now vs then (basically the #’s), etc. I thought those were solid critiques, but now I could more obviously see that it was about the story of the shoe or about the shoe in a certain segment of culture. ON DISPLAY you have: "the collaboration celebrity shoe" (Rihanna Creepers and Yeezys), "the high end shoe" (Louis Vuitton), "the original hip hop shoe" (Adidas shell-toes), "the how some people take it a step further and personalize their shoe shoe" (the President Barack Obama Air Force Ones). Okay, cool. I appreciated it each shoe more and I chuckled at the low-key coolness of how some shoes came from the collection of what seemed to be regular guys (Mike Haze, etc)



This time as I entered the second room I noticed the video in the corner looping sneaker focused music videos from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now. I hadn’t seen the 2014 Rick Owens greek inspired show… that was kinda dope, check that out above. (For those not plugged into black greek culture, the video emulated pledges crossing / greeks having a step show). 



The exhibit checked our PC box and gave a nod to the combo of women and sneaker culture and even highlighting a few like the beloved Va$htie Kola. This room went deeper and also mentioned the concerns of cultural appropriation and the impact of sneakers on the world. It displayed the old vintage tennis shoes  + gave a brief history of the athletic shoe. Most importantly and most worthwhile in the entire exhibit was the video. The most worthwhile thing of all was the video, it gave you history, context, and laughs.

Personally, I could relate to parts of the video… as a person of color from an outwardly upper middle family sneakers were important. I had two big brothers and I think that sealed the importance of good sneakers for me. I wore uniforms in elementary school, but the sneakers, the sneakers were up to me. I would spend hours picking out the perfect pair of both unique yet subtle colored shoes. (we could only wear white, black, brown, navy). And in middle school, I was one of those people who didn't repeat the same outfit for moooonths at a time. I thought I made that concept up but apparently Jay-Z and Damon Dash felt the same way in their 30s that I did at 12. The video is riddled with facts that are worth knowing, even if just for fun. That was the coolest part.  Combining the visuals of sneakers in glass cases to history and knowledge. Well, it’s a museum after all. 


The Rise of Sneaker Culture VIDEO

When I first visited the exhibit I thought it was lacking, although I loved what was going on in the courtyard…. literally looked like a movie scene. I hope someone recorded it please, please God let someone have recorded that awesomeness, lol. But upon returning I was able to appreciate the exhibit much more…. The Rise of Sneaker Culture gives you the history and the story behind the importance of sneakers and visual references that come from the sneaker collection of sneaker heads, celebrities, brands, and other museums. My favorite thing is that it so clearly pays homage and respect to the people who through sheer talent, natural swag, passion, and talking about it made tennis shoes what they are today… specifically: rappers, athletes, and the people of their culture. It’s dope. So if you're in Atlanta be sure to swing by The High Museum of Art and check out, "The Rise of Sneaker Culture." See details here. 


photo and video credits: The Urban Gentleman, Wish, @jasonbroom, @dalinrenka, @soyjomz – thank you!

50 Pairs of White Sneakers You Can Try This Summer

 classic white sneaker trend Urban Gent

We've talked about the classic white sneaker on The Urban Gentleman since the beginning… since 2008. We told stories of yearly back to school shopping and finding the perfect pair of white sneakers for the upcoming year. Now in 2016 our view and nostalgic childhood flashbacks have made it mainstream and nearly everyone and every brand has a pair of white sneakers you can rock.  

So to help narrow down the choices, there are 50 pairs of white sneakers for men below ranging from classic shell-toe Adidas to Common Projects. My advice is to choose the style that makes you hype + fits your budget. I think all the styles, sleek or bulky, futuristics or classic, can look good on any body type, frame, or complexion. Let us know about your favorite pair of white sneakers by commenting on hereFacebook , or Instagram.



Many People Wore Stan Smiths During New York Fashion Week Mens

MY STYLE: I'm currently rocking Adidas Shell-Toes… I wore them to both New York Fashion MensSpring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Alot of the fashion kids are rockin' some version of a low-top Adidas, actually most were sporting the Stan Smiths, white with green accent. The year before my main white sneaker was a pair of off white classic Converse All-Stars.  And for this upcoming year I've been considering Common Projects, but then remembered I met a guy from Paris at AfroPunk who designs shoes and has an awesome pair of white trainers in his line. If we're able to reconnect I may just be rocking those… we'll see.  I'm streamlining my life and my search is for a pair that can sustain truly being worn daily if needed, for 365 days, and still look awesome and be comfortable with minimum effort. Open to suggestions.


These 6 pair: (from top right, clockwise): Adidas Shell-Toes (my current white shoe of choice); Common Projects (my future white shoe of choice); Stan Smith (worn by many at Fashion Week this past year); Puma Roma (my favorite pair of white shoes late high school, early college); Nike Air Max (because, Nike is cool… we had fun with them in Chicago); Converse All Stars (I found a pair while window shopping 2 years ago and felt a connection).


AFROPUNK LAST YEAR: Sneaker designer I met is on the right. 

Choice your perfect Fedora, here

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduates: Now Go Make it Happen, We’ll Keep You Fly While Doing It

I came across this video last night and had to post. Donovan Livingson is a Harvard Graduate who recently gave an amazing speech at graduation, listen below, it's less than 5 minutes. View the entire transcript of the speech below after our 3 Urban Gentleman Career Looks:


Some of you are headed off to Wall Street for the 1st or 2nd time. Some of you will be educators, others may be creatives expressing themselves, while some may simply be corporate America soldiers– hustling and doing your thing until your purpose and vision become crystal clear. Whatever the job or career, look good doing it! People will take you more seriously, many will admire your style, and most importantly you'll feel good.

I chose 9 items below that can become a staple in various careers– whether it's a classic navy suit for the business man, perfectly ripped denim jeans for the creative, or chinos for the well-dressed teacher. Take your pick!

This is for your Class of 2016.

Congratulations – The Urban Gentleman is proud of you!



Fedora Hat Trends 2016 – 2017

Browse through the Fedoras below to see and purchase the new 2016 – 2017 fedora and hat styles for men.  


Citizen Ecosphere Watch

I had been on the hunt for a great timepiece for a long while. I wanted something to match my personality and lifestyle. Something stylish and sophisticated for everyday wear but also sporty enough to wear while being active or working out. Then I saw the Citizen Ecosphere Watch and fell in love.

It's black stainless steel face is sleek and nicely contrasted against the stark white accents, and the rubber buckle strap adds to the watch's wearability. The fact that it's water resistant is a major plus as well for any swimmers, kayakers, or sweaty runners. So if you're looking for a watch that's going to turn heads and let you live as actively (or inactively) as  you want, take a look at the Citizen Ecosphere. You can find one for yourself here


Chike Ibezue for The Urban Gent

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