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Men’s Accessories Part I: Scarves

Lupe Fiasco loves sportin’ scarves

I often meet guys who feel like their style needs more. . .they like the way they dress, but they want to be able to stretch their look- meaning they want to be able to wear the same outfit in different ways. Well, the best way to diversify your style is to add accessories. The most basic accessory is a belt, but that’ s more of a necessity. . .we’ll talk about belts another day.

Below are the accessories that can enhance any man’s look if worn properly, I will write about each of the accessories one or two at a time over the next few weeks:

1. Scarves
2. Ties
3. Hats
4. Suspenders/Braces
5. Shades
6. Glasses
7. Out-of-the-box accessories

Lets start with Scarves.

Scarves have hit the hip-hop scene hard ever since Pharrell, Lupe, and Kanye began wearing them and it’s a trend that will be around for awhile. I know there are some people who are getting tired of see people sporting the same black and white “arab scarf”, but hey “what are you gonna do”, lol. . . I think it’s cool to have a scarf or two around, it’s something extra to have in your wardrobe and it almost instantaneously gives you a “hollywood look”.

It seems like every male celebrity wears scarves these days:

Pharrell tends to rock designer scarves only

Lil Wayne has been wearing scarves alot recently, above he’s
at the BET Awards after party. He wore a red and white scarf
during his latest MTV performance of “A millie”


Jermaine Dupri and Chris Brown

Kanye West

Kanye West

Like I somewhat mentioned earlier, the basic scarf in the “arab scarf”, it comes in a variety of colors usually black and a bright color. I think this is a good choice for men who want to play it safe, but remember that “arab scarves” worn by men usually give off a more hip-hop look.

Those who want a classic and clean look should avoid that type of scarf. Focus on getting silk-type scarves that are more neutral in color and that you could possibly wear years from now. This scarf is and should be timeless in look and it’s the type I highly recommend for Urban Gentleman.

Alexis Phipher & Kanye West

You can buy these scarves anywhere and everywhere now. . .I recommend 3 places:

1.) – they have a great variety for great prices
2.) Mall (from GAP to Urban Outfitters)– you will be able to find the trendiest styles at your local mall.
3.) your local thrift store – shopping here allows you to be unique, if you spend the time searching you could possibly find a designer scarf for a really really really cheap price.

Check out these scarves:

For in-store designer scarves: Barneys and Neiman Marcus
(scarves are often seen as either unisex or for women in the retail world, so you may have to visit the women’s accessories area to find these types scarves.)

You can now buy the EXACT scarves Lil’Wayne and Kanye West wear (plus many more) at The Urban Gentleman Store, click HERE.

J a c i n d a of The Urban Gentleman

Pharrell & Kanye at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Show

Pharrell & Kanye looking like BFFs

As Kanye says, “Cuz it’s Louis Vuitton Don night”. . . the self-proclaimed LV Don’s Kanye West and Pharrell Williams were at the 2009 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Menswear Show in Paris yesterday. As expected, both men were stylish in their own way.

Pharrell, Marc Jacobs (the LV designer), Kanye

The guys w/ Camille Miceli (LV jewelry designer )
(She and Pharrell collaborate to make LV jewelry)

One of my favorite looks from the show.
I really like the subtle two-tone shirt, the airy blue and sand colors really compliment each other. The jacket is cool too- really simple and clean.

To view the complete Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 Show visit the links below:
Part I
Part II

Kanye has alot going on in this look, but I really like the shoes and the buttons- which includes a Micheal Jackson button. Why, you may ask. . .b/c it’s different and a cool accessory that most men don’t take advantage of.
Pharrell keeps his look very casual as well, he has a b-boy prep look going on. He wears that BBC shirt and those Rayban wayfarer shades every time he gets a chance, huh?
I like it though
. . . it’s always good to have certain signature looks in your style.

Who has the better casual look,
Kanye or Pharrell?

More Info: MTV’s From G’s to Gents

Fonzworth Bentley

As many of you know The Urban Gentleman will be covering MTV’s new show From G’s to Gents. As I said before I’m not one for foolish tv (hopefully this show isn’t), but being that the premise of the show aligns itself with UG (Urban Gentleman), I’ll be watching.

What we know thus far. . . .

Hosted by. Fonzworth Bentley
(who’s always so Morehouse Fresh)

The men will be guided by
The Gentleman’s Handbook:

Chapter 2: Style
Chapter 3: Etiquette
Chapter 6: Grammer
Chapter 7: Manners

(those are the only revealed chapters so far)

The winner will be admitted into The Gentleman’s Club and awarded $100,000.

Get a glimpse of the trailer. . .click HERE
Check out the cast and let me know your pre-premiere pick for winner. . .click HERE

(Check out my first Gs to Gents post for more information)

They Play Hard, They Dress Even Harder: Best Dressed Athletes

King James is a king of style

When I was out shopping for blazers and sport coats with one of my friends last week, he kept mentioning how he wanted to get that “Dwayne Wade Look”. I chuckled as he continued, “He had on this orange and brown outfit one day, and I want to get that same look, you know that Dwayne Waaaade look”. Well my friend based his opinion of Dwayne Wade’s style on one outfit he saw him wear in a magazine or on tv. . . little did he know that Dwayne Wade is more often than not, found looking quite stylish. But Dwayne Wade isn’t the only professional athlete who dresses so well he could double as a model, there’s a slew of well-dressed men in the athletic world.

My top picks (in no particular order):

1. Lebron James
He’s called King James for a reason and style is definitely one.

Lebron, dude. . .you look fly

Jay-Z and Lebron in Vegas

Lebron’s casual look is really cool as he’s posing w/ Jimmy Kimmel

2. David Beckham
He’s always at the top of my best-dressed list. What can I say those Brits just have great style. Not only is he the new face of Emporio Armani, he also has a wife that’s equally as chic- Victoria Beckham.

Classic perfection in this suit

The new face of Emporio Armani. . .underwear

He really has a thing for the “one shirt tail in, one shirt tail out” look

see. . .he ‘s doing it again

David & Victoria Beckham

3. Thierry Henry
Some of you Americans may not know who he is (lol), but my international readers and true sports fans know that he is a sharp dresser. His charm and style has landed him a contract as an international “brand ambassador” for Tommy Hilfiger.

I love the suit, great color & material
An international brand ambassador for Tommy Hilifiger

A natural Urban Gentleman

In Barcelona, 2008

4. Dwayne Wade
He always shows up to award shows and events wearing the latest trends and wearing them well. And besides. . . it seems like alot of gentleman are trying to get the “Dwayne Wade look”.

Dwayne rockin the “country/cowboy” look

At the Jay-Z/MJB Tour Kick-off in Miami, 2008

Dwayne loves those Tom Ford aviators

At his 26th birthday bash, 2008

Honorable Mentions:

Will Demps – he’s most women’s picture of perfection and his fashion sense has allowed him to snag Hollywood hotties like R&B singer Letoya Luckett.

Tom Brady – he dresses how I expect and want athletes to dress- stylish & clean. I’m sure his girlfriend, supermodel Gisele, gives him plenty of fashion tips.

Alex Rodriguez – he has a really classic style that has made him a GQ favorite.

Terrell Owens – some say cocky athletes always have great style. . .hmmm, I don’t know about that, but T.O definitely does.

Reggie Bush
– he’s actually one of the best dressed men in the NFL, he dresses up & down almost flawlessly. He has the complete Urban Gentleman look, he just doesn’t have the UG swagger or class quite yet. . .but I’m sure he’ll get there soon.

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