Grooming Picks: Best Men’s Cologne

Your smell or scent is important. It’s extremely vital and it’s one of the grooming basics along with hair, nails, and teeth (check out the article from earlier this month about grooming basics). You should always smell good, unless you just finished practicing a sport, building something, or working out- even then you should quickly shower and dabb on a nice scent.

The best way to choose a cologne is to go into a mall and try on different scents. This is the best way because colognes smell differently on different people- and it’s important to know if the cologne mixes well with your body scent. If you don’t have time to go into the store and pick out one or if you’re buying cologne as a gift, I’m going to make it easier for you. . .

List of the Best Men’s Colognes:

Unforgivable by. Sean John
*This is surprisingly my top pick. For some reason it’s a cologne that I automatically wanted to not like. But every other time that I compliment a man on his cologne he says it’s “Unforgivable”. . . that risqué ad that Diddy has seems to hold truth.

Dolce & Gabbanna
[Classic D&G, The One, Light Blue]

Burberry Brit for a bold smell
Burberry Summer for a lighter smell.

Must de Cartier Pour Homme

Men with a “taste for expensive things” seem to fancy this cologne.

Issey Miyake
*This another one that I seem to compliment, but this only smells good on certain men. It’s very important to only lightly use this cologne b/c it can easily become overwhelming.

Some men swear by this cologne, they say it really attracts women.

Common, Popular, & Classic Colognes
These colognes always seem to make the list of best colognes. I don’t personally like them all (some are too bold), but as a whole they are good choices.
1. Aqua de Gio Armani
2. Aqva Bvlgari
3. Cool Waters by Davidoff
4. Hugo by Hugo Boss
5. PI by Givenchy
6. Calvin Klein: Euphoria & Eternity Summer

BEST place to smell/test cologne: Nordstrom – they have the best collection of high-end colognes and they have the most helpful attendants.

BEST place to buy cologne: Macys – they always have sales, and they almost always give away extra gifts with their cologne purchases

BEST online store to buy cologne: eBay – they have almost every fragrance for the lowest price on the internet.

*Tip: In between smelling colognes make sure you smell coffee beans. Why? Because coffee refreshes your sense of smell. Most high-end stores, like Nordstrom, will have small glasses full of coffee beans next to the colognes.

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  1. Unfortunately, most bottles of cologne will last for several years, so you either end up with half a dozen bottles under your bathroom sink as you get a new fragrance every year, or you stick with same old reliable one for several years. Of course you can buy cologne at most department and mens stores, but buying online is usually quicker and easier, and with the cost of gas, often cheaper as well! a good cologne on a mans shishirt is simply awesome!Some of my favourite colognes include:

    Davidoff Cool Water Game Cologne
    Krizia Time
    Loris Azzaro Chrome
    Alessandro Dell Acqua Cologne
    Paco Rabanne XS Black
    Bulgari BLV Nottet
    Lancetti Homme

    mens dress shirt

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  3. Kenneth Cole’s Black is also a really great smell. I personally love going to Sephora or Ulta to try colognes with my bf.

  4. This is a nice list of sexy scents! As a woman I approve :) Hey John – and anyone else who likes to try scents – there are several sites that sell 1 ml size fragrance samples, usually 5 for $15.00 or somewhere in that price range. Just google “fragrance samples” to find the sites. Good way to try scents b4 buying!

  5. My favorite cologne that I own and have gotten more comments on than I can count is Armani Black Code.

  6. My tips to all my dudes, go to Macy's or any other local department store to buy your cologne. I say Macy's because they always have sales. You cannot trust the colognes from these local cologne stores in the malls or these dudes on the streets selling cologne, even some of the mens formal clothing stores have replica(duplicated/fake) cologne. That $hit is cheap and the alcohol will seperate after a few months, trust me. My brother used to always shop at our local cologne store in the mall, cause he used to save like 10 bucks or so on his bottles. After like months, his $hit wouldn't even smell the same. So stop looking for the best deals on cologne and just buy from a store that is an authorized retailer.

    Unforgivable & Unforgettable by Sean John, you can't go wrong with those. Now honestly, I didn't want to wear them after it got so popular and every dude was buying it, I always like to be different. But everytime I go out, random women come up to me and compliment me about the smell. My ex always goes crazy when I wear this stuff. Now there's some other things that women love too, but on't be surprised if you dont get any compliments on your most expensive bottle.

  7. "Fragrance Connoisser in Louisiana"

    Kenneth Cole's "Black" is simply the best. Armani Mania, J Lo's "Deseo", Kenzo"Intense", Calvin Klien"Euphoria". Docle Gabanna's "Light Blue" and Dolce Gabanna's "The One" are awesome mens'fragrances as well. You can't go wrong with any of these. I can't get enough of my husband when he's wearing any of these colognes!!
    " Fragrance Connoisseur in Louisiana"

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