The Man + Purse: Murses & Manbags

Pharrell Williams has a $67,000 purple/pink crocodile
Hermes bag

When men first began carrying bags that were traditionally worn by women people laughed- they laughed loud and they laughed hard. But with some of manliest men and top style gurus strutting . . . I mean walking around with these bags you have to ask yourself- is it really THAT bad? Some people think that the "man-bag" portrays 1 of 2 things: you're self-absorbed or you like men. I'm thinking that stigma is changing. The list of of men who rock "murses" grows everyday: Pharrell, David Beckham, Lupe Fiasco, Tom Brady, Seal, Kanye West, Ryan Reynolds, and Terrence Howard just to name a few.

David Beckham w/ a leather brown Prada bag

Terrence Howard w/ his black patent & leather crocodile

Lupe Fiasco and his red Goyard bag


Seal w/ a black leather murse


Tom Brady w/ an army fatigue murse


In his interview with Paper Magazine Pharrell talks about his murse/travel bag:

“Don’t call it a murse,” says PHARRELL, pulling out his second look from the gargantuan purple croc HERMES tote, which he has accessorized with another JACOB key chain, this one covered in yellow diamonds to match the bag’s gold hard-ware.

“It’s not a man purse. It’s my travel bag.”

PHARRELL says style is… "about who you are, where you’re going, what’s comfortable…It’s your attitude that makes it hot.”

“It’s not that I’m necessarily proud of being a nerd,” says PHARRELL. “It’s who I am.”

Pharrell is truly stuntin' with his 2 Hermes murses,
he's so proud!
I think he's an advocate for the murses, he'll probably start a non-profit in support of men carrying bags that look like purses. . . (I'm just playin')

Personally, I think it's okay for a man to have a bag especially if it's a satchel or messenger- I think they look great. It just becomes a little questionable when he carries it like a purse, you know under his arm like Tom Brady or the way Terrence Howard does. Pharrell's purple color choice is a bit feminine. . . it's kind of cool, but then it's not at the same time. These huge bags are very appropriate for travel, but not so much for just walking around the streets on a daily basis like below. . . (cough cough) Pharrell:

So how do you feel about murses & man-bags?

Cindy at The Urban Gentleman

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  1. like you said im for messenger bags and satchels. . . tom brady looks really suspect, and i think pharrell is doing too much

  2. I think that Pharrell is doing way to much. His murse really looks like a purse and the choice of color is all wrong. Well anyways thanks for helping us Keep up on the latest fashion.

  3. its funny how they’re called manbags or murses, but i like them- i’d rock one. matter o fact of thinking about buying one. great article:-)

    (didnt know pharrell had a purple one, lol)

  4. man-bags are cool. the purple is too much tho.

  5. not a fan.

  6. I have been carrying a man bag (murse) since the late 70’s always got flak for it but so what. I need my murse! I need a lot of stuff through the day. I’ve carried them so long they’ve come in sty;le , gone out and come back again. Love ’em and have a lot of them too. ‘Bye Haters!

  7. It's getting more what men have to carry, just cigarettes and lighter are out. Fill up the pockets in pants or – since newly created – men's skirts with all this stuff now is impossible — and looks silly. Put it in murses, and I want to see men searching in their bags. I hope this silly belted cell-phone covers are going down the river.

  8. I like the way they call it manbags, I rock one too but black in color. it more masculine.

  9. I think it takes a certian type of swaga to get away with a oversized purple bag … and to be honest, da kid is hot wit it, he has my vote!

  10. I've been living in Belgium for two months now. Been to Italy, Germany, and drove through many other countries here. The murse is all over, and I was surprised to see how comfortable the guys are wearing them. Given all the things men carry now it does make sense, but my midwestern values are making it hard for me to make that leap. If I stay here much longer I definately will.


  12. I respect Pharrell for his style but the Man bags are too much. A nice louis vuitton messenger bag can be a great boost of style,but actually carrying a purse is not the way to look good.

  13. I think guys carrying bags is amazing. It takes a certain confidence to do your own thing style wise. Pharrell is bag is amazing. I dont know why people cant just except people expressing themselves.


  14. Pharrell’s bag: trying too hard, a little too much.Just because it’s Hermes doesn’t make it ok.

    Tom Brady: tons of confidence, but no man.

    Most of these bags are just a little over the top. Terrence Howard’s murse is simply a ladies a clutch. It needs a touch of masculinity. Seal, Beckham, and Lupe seem to have it dialed.Just my opinion.

  15. A regular purse can carry all your particular things, but what can superbly make you stand out is a designer bag. There are so many different kinds of makes out there like Jimmy Choo and Kate Spade. They are very fashionable and is crucial to any woman’s closet.

  16. Man bags or messenger bags are now an accepted fashion accessory around the world. It’s only a matter of time until opinions of the man purse catch up with this modern way of thinking.

  17. I see pharrell is looking little suspicious with this messenger bag. I see that why they bought these kind of stuff because it is easy to run while fans approach them. Otherwise all things are looking good about this and the idea of posting pics of celebrity with the messenger bag is too cool..

  18. I reaaally loved the purple Hermes bag… You guys has tooons of great ideas to be a real Gentleman!!! Congrats!!! 😀


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