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The Man + Purse: Murses & Manbags

Pharrell Williams has a $67,000 purple/pink crocodile
Hermes bag

When men first began carrying bags that were traditionally worn by women people laughed- they laughed loud and they laughed hard. But with some of manliest men and top style gurus strutting . . . I mean walking around with these bags you have to ask yourself- is it really THAT bad? Some people think that the "man-bag" portrays 1 of 2 things: you're self-absorbed or you like men. I'm thinking that stigma is changing. The list of of men who rock "murses" grows everyday: Pharrell, David Beckham, Lupe Fiasco, Tom Brady, Seal, Kanye West, Ryan Reynolds, and Terrence Howard just to name a few.

David Beckham w/ a leather brown Prada bag

Terrence Howard w/ his black patent & leather crocodile

Lupe Fiasco and his red Goyard bag


Seal w/ a black leather murse


Tom Brady w/ an army fatigue murse


In his interview with Paper Magazine Pharrell talks about his murse/travel bag:

“Don’t call it a murse,” says PHARRELL, pulling out his second look from the gargantuan purple croc HERMES tote, which he has accessorized with another JACOB key chain, this one covered in yellow diamonds to match the bag’s gold hard-ware.

“It’s not a man purse. It’s my travel bag.”

PHARRELL says style is… "about who you are, where you’re going, what’s comfortable…It’s your attitude that makes it hot.”

“It’s not that I’m necessarily proud of being a nerd,” says PHARRELL. “It’s who I am.”

Pharrell is truly stuntin' with his 2 Hermes murses,
he's so proud!
I think he's an advocate for the murses, he'll probably start a non-profit in support of men carrying bags that look like purses. . . (I'm just playin')

Personally, I think it's okay for a man to have a bag especially if it's a satchel or messenger- I think they look great. It just becomes a little questionable when he carries it like a purse, you know under his arm like Tom Brady or the way Terrence Howard does. Pharrell's purple color choice is a bit feminine. . . it's kind of cool, but then it's not at the same time. These huge bags are very appropriate for travel, but not so much for just walking around the streets on a daily basis like below. . . (cough cough) Pharrell:

So how do you feel about murses & man-bags?

Cindy at The Urban Gentleman

Gucci: More Than You Think

Soulja Boy in Gucci at the 2008 BET Awards

When some people think about Gucci. . .they think about what the rappers wear. You know brown or black monogrammed Gucci belts, hats, and sometimes shoes. Well there’s more to Gucci than they portray.

Nelly in a “Gucci” tee at the Lakers game

Check out some of the Gucci’s Spring 08, Fall 08, & Spring 09 Looks below. For those of you who aren’t use to viewing runway fashion- just know that it’s very over the top. You aren’t supposed to mimic the outfits exactly- dissect the look and take out pieces that you like and or find unique.

Gucci Spring 2008

That’s a jacket Chris Brown would wear

This jacket is definitely Lupe worthy

I’m thinking Kanye on this joint

hmmm, Will.I. Am all the way

Gucci Fall 2008

Gucci Spring 2009

I like the tie and the shoes

Looks like a number Johnny Depp would rock

This is Brad Pitt all day

Again, I think this is a Lupe worthy jacket

So What do you all think about these Gucci Designs?
Would you rock them or stick to the Gucci monogram belts, scarfs, and hats?

The Fashions: 2008 BET Awards

Chris Brown looked dapper while accepting his award

Years ago, I made a vow to myself that I would never watch BET- I find the station mostly degrading. But every once and awhile I find myself watching it, and tonight, for the sake of my readers, I tuned in. . . just for a little bit :-)

As I watched the show, eager to report the best outfits, I became disappointed. I felt like the male stars dressed to go to the mall rather than an award show- everyone was so extra-ordinarily regular! Though the immense-style that I had hoped to see was absent, there were still a decent amount of men who managed to “clean-up nicely.”

John Legend, David Banner, Eric Benet, and Kirk Franklin were among the best dress:

Chris Brown


David Banner

Eric Benet & date

Kirk Franklin & wife

John Legend

Fashion trends of the 2008 BET Awards Show:
-suits with no tie
-brown/khaki colored suits
-Gucci belts
-white-framed aviators
-black high-top sneakers
-white pocket squares
-brown Gucci shades

Even my main man Kanye left us hanging, he was the most regular that I’ve seen from him in awhile. But atleast he looked 1000 times better than his performance partner T-Pain.

MORE 2008 BET Awards Men’s Fashion:

LL Cool J rocks the graphic tee

Boris Kodjoe

Kevin Liles looks Morehouse Fresh

Kevin Hart

Derek Luke & date

Mario gives a good Urban Gentleman look

Musiq keeps is simple

I hate to say it, but I don’t like Neyo‘s look. . .
hmmm, maybe it’s just the way he’s posing

Morehouse Fresh

A few years ago I began calling the fashion style of some guys “Morehouse Fresh”. It’s my patented phrase! Some non-Morehouse males don’t like the phrase, they say it’s biased. But I find it very appropriate because it describes the fashion sense of many men of the prestigious college. The style is distinctive and easy to point out in a crowd; it usually consists of a sweater vest, bow tie, plaid shirt or polo, oxford style shoes and maybe even loafers. You may think “Well, that’s just called prep”- my retort is prep only describes clothing; Morehouse Fresh describes style and swagger.

Derek Watkins aka Bentley Fonzworth

There are many men that embody the Morehouse Fresh style, a perfect example is Morehouse Alum Derek Watkin aka Bentley Fonzworth. He’s previously known as Sean Comb’s butler, but he’s now a successful business man who has his own book and cd.

Andre Benjamin can often be found looking Morehouse Fresh, showing that you don’t have to attend Morehouse to dress the part. His new fashion line, Benjamin Bixby, is perfectly Morehouse Fresh. Check out some of his pieces:

Spring 2008 Benjamin Bixby Collection

Wanna be Morehouse Fresh?
Well, the best way to get the look is to make sure you own 2 or more of these items:

– unique classic blazer (ex. brown jacket w/ navy elbow patches)
– vest (button and sweater)
– bow-tie or classic-colored tie
– quality oxford shoes
– a designer accessory (Armani shades, Gucci belt, LV computer case, etc)
– glasses (they can be fake. . . you can get some from Urban Outfitters, this is optional)

Best Brands/Stores for the “Morehouse Fresh” look:

– Ralph Lauren

– Brooks Brothers

– Heritage 1981

– Lacoste

– High-End Thrift Stores

Check out these Morehouse Fresh Items:

Bright Classic-Fit Ralph Lauren Polo

Slip-on Leather shoes from
(these can easily be dresses up or down)

Linen Plaid Sport Coat from Brooks Brothers

Multi-colored Paisly bow-tie from

Red/Burnt-Orange Cardigan from Urban Outfitters

*Note that not all Morehouse men dress “Morehouse Fresh”

Lupe Fiasco Shoes

With his love of fly superbadAss sneakers Lupe Fiasco has finally created his own.
Black & Gold for his Fall of Rome clothing line.

Fall of Rome x Nike Air Force 1 Lows

But I think I still like the Lupe Converse’s a little better:

the Lupe Fiasco x Converse Product (red) Chuck Taylors

Which Lupe shoe do you prefer?


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