Release Your Inner Swagger

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David Beckham is a humble guy w/ a hot wife and a serious swagger


Some men are born with it; some acquire it after hanging out with a certain crowd or attending a certain school. Either way it goes, women are always attracted to men with swagger. . . some of you may know what I’m talking about, you know when a girl says “There’s just something about him, I can’t really describe it. . .” that’s swagger.

To be real there are many of you that may not need it as much because you may have strong traits that make up for it: good looks w/ a smile to match, great abs and muscles, or big pockets. But even men with those traits find themselves in dire need of swagger.

Many guys falsely believe that swagger only comes with hard jail time, being a dealer, or being in a gang- that’s just called ignorance, which usually leads to arrogance more ignorance and perhaps a forced swagger. There’s nothing cool about killing someone. . .

True swagger, as corny as it sounds, comes from within-that makes it hard to gain. Swagger can be traditionally characterized as charisma –that indescribable character trait that people naturally inhibit. Swagger is like charisma to the umpteenth power with a mixture of more. It doesn’t discriminate by age, race, height, or background- anyone can have it.

Jay-Z has swagger.

There are 3 main components to swagger.

Confidence. Being comfortable with who you are is very important. If you don’t think you’re the ish, then why should anyone else? There are many ways to gain confidence, but a couple of the fastest ways are:

1. Working Out– bulking up easily boosts confidence
and makes a woman do a double-take.

2. New Wardrobe– many men underestimate the importance
of dressing well-they think it's a female thing. But great
threads will make you feel better and quickly enhance your
image in the eyes of others.

Drive/Direction. I’m not referring to sex :-) I’m talking about ambition. Men with the most swagger know what they want in life, they have goals and they don’t let anyone get in their way. Have problems focusing and realizing your dreams, try this:

1. Write down your top 5 career choices and the steps you
need to take to actually become whatever it is you want to
become. Narrow it down to the most realistic career choice
and go after it.

2. Make a list of goals you have and set a deadline
to have each goal completed.

Be You. Like the rapper Rocko says “You just do you, Ima
do me”. At the end of the day It’s all about doing you, be
who you are and don’t apologize- unless you’re being a
complete a-hole.

Now that you know what swagger is and how to get it- work on it! Every urban gentleman must find his inner swag.

Cindy of The Urban Gentleman blog

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  1. creatively written article . . . “Release Your Inner Sway” man thats really cool- I may have to post a link to this on my fb page, lol

  2. thanks:-) Swagger is really important for a man. . .

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