From G’s to Gents: Episode 2

Marcellus Reynold and Fonzworth Bentley
I love Bentley’s casual look- perfect.

The bad acting continues. . .

In a nutshell: The episode starts with a “B*tch calling contest”, a few of the guys call each other and their mothers the B-word. After getting dressed they go down and read The Daily Gent, which is a newsletter about the activities of the day. The Daily Gent lets them know that the day is going to be about fashion. The guys drive down to Beverly Hills to meet with celebrity stylist, Marcellus Reynolds at the Reiss store. He gives them a few tips and pointers about fashion and style. After the visit to Reiss the “G’s” find out that the next challenge is going to be a fashion show.

Britsh men have impeccable style,
Ozwald Boateng has dressed Jamie Foxx and Will Smith

For this event celebrity stylist Ozwald Boateng was the guest judge. The guys were divided in a group of 4 in which one guy had to be the spokesperson while the other 3 dress up for a particular event/occasion: 1. Spokerperson at a Country Club 2.) Skybox Party 3.) Charity Event aboard a Yacht. Stan, Zenel, and E6 win simultaneously, which left group A as the winners with immunity (Stan & E6’s team).

Male stripper Stan wins the Country Club look

When it came down to elimination. D-Boy had 1 black ball, Zenel had 2, Mikey P had 2, and Kesan had 7. In the end Mr.Bentley sent Zenel and Mikey P home because he felt like they were already doing pretty good for themselves as actors and/or models. (Even though Kesan is a actor as well and a rapper, but whatever, lol. . .this show is too fake).

Zenel and Mikey P loose their Gentleman’s Club Membership

Lesson 2: Fashion
Fashion is a non-verbal language. You notice it as soon as a person enters the door, so it’s a part of the first impression you give off. It’s all about dressing appropriately for everywhere you go. The suit is the international uniform for business.

Every man should know how to a tie a tie. When tying a tie make sure you have a dimple in it; the dimple is also known as the “Wall Street Clevage”.

Urban Gent view: Fashion is obviously very important, hence this blog, lol. And a dimple in your tie is a must.

Fonzworth Bentley and his guest judges looked superb all episode.

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