From Gs to Gents: Episode 3

Sorry this is late, but as you can probably tell- I’m not THAT into the series. But here I go…

The day/episode begins with sports, and they play the gentleman’s sport- cricket. The drama with Kesan and D-Boy continues…

Chapter 3: Sportsmanship

A true gentleman doesn’t just play to win, he plays with honor. A gentleman shows respect for teammates, opponents, and officials and take responsibility for your actions.

World class cricket player David Sentance was the special guest. He’s the author of “Cricket in America: 1710-2000”. Side note: I was feeling the seer sucker jacket Fonzworth rocked during the cricket game and the floral tie.

The Challenge was a 5 on 5 basketball game and the team with the most points wins.
2 Captains, Kesan and D-boy and they play street ball with “real hood gs”- just seemed like more bad actors to me, lol. D-Boy’s team lost with a score of 7:3 and Kesan teams looses 11:0. Though D-Boy’s team scored more points, Kesan’s team had better etiquettes during the game so they won.

After the challenge Cee confronts Kesan about spitting on D-Boy’s bed. Kesan packs his bags and leaves the house then Shaun and Creepa run after him and eventually talk him into staying. When Kesan walks back into the house E-6 confronts him, but too much doesn’t build up just words exchanged. Later Cee breaks down crying to his ex-girlfriend Gina about how guilty he felt about setting up Kesan. And Kesan has a heart to heart with Mr.Bentley and he decides to stay in the house.

Cee, D-boy, and J-Boogie were up for elimination and in the end J-Boogie goes home.

I liked Fonzworth’s jacket, tie, and short combo at elimination- a black velvet jacket with wine colored shirt and tie. His purple shirt had a nice wide spread collar. That’s actually one of my favorite types of collars.

Spread collar

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  1. I know I’m a bit late to the punch here, but: David Sentance is an old friend of mine, a great guy and a great cricketer. (Although he’d be a bit embarrassed to be called “world class”!) Thanks for reviewing this episode and mentioning him.


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