Masculine Etiquettes: How To Prepare For a Female Visitor

If you want to end up like these guys, follow the list below

It’s the weekend and I know many of you will have female visitors in your humble abodes. So I wanted to let you know that one of the biggest turn-offs for women is visiting a man’s house when it’s out-of–order, messy, jacked-up, funky, dirty, lol . . . you get what I’m saying:-)

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do when preparing for a female visitor:

1. Clean the living room: this is the first place she’ll see and be.

2. Clean the bathroom: this is so pertinent because if it’s nasty, she’ll think you’re nasty and you’ll quickly loose points with her, lol

3. Clean the kitchen: who knows, she may want to cook for you.

4. Clean the bedroom: this is mainly for men who have roommates or plan to get some nookie.

5. Make sure the place smells good: Use atleast 2 scented candles or 2 Glade plug-ins.

6. Make sure there are no annoying roommates around: they can easily kill the mood.

7. Make sure your satellite or cable is working, if not have a variety of movies prepared.

8. Make sure you smell good, have fresh breath, and
clean cut nails
(long dirty nails are a HUGE turnoff)

9. Have a few drinks and snacks prepared: strawberries, grapes, and bottled water are good choices. Maybe some alcohol. .

10.If you do plan on “getting busy”make sure you have condoms and massage oils ready: always use protection- there are waaaay to many STDs out there now-a-days!

Now, I know alot of these may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys let women come over to dirty smelly places- its not a good look. So print this list out and post it on the fridge. . . have a GRAND weekend!

For references on Grooming, Breath-enhancers, and Colognes click on those words.

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  1. Chi City Animated

    …what a hot list of things to do…Thanks a lot…

  2. yeah dope list…

  3. FINALLY a man 'gets it'…especially #2! : )

  4. yo real dope though!!! i think to really get the mood started give her a massage with some warm lotion then cool her body down with a ice massage(same thing with the lotion just wit ice)then again wit the warm lotion work wonders on a woman hormones!!!

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  6. Renetta Alberson

    Thank you for an additional fantastic blog. Where else might one get that kind of data written in such an ideal way? I actually have a presentation that i’m presently working on, and i have been longing for such info instead.

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