Men’s Grooming: Diddy & Jigga Man Get Bikini Waxes

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Mr. Shawn Carter likes it bare down there

“Bald is Beautiful” – Jay-Z

When I first learned of Jay-Z and Diddy waxing there private areas, I thought it was pretty funny. I thought to myself “Okay Diddy- I can definitely see that, but Jay-Z iounno that’s a little much”. But at the end of the day I do know guys that shave in places that are typically only shaved by women and swimmers. I can totally see why men would do it- cuz no chick wants her man to look like Chewbacca down there, lol, but waxing??? Waxing just seems like it would be too painful for men. . . I mean c’mon putting hot wax down there ripping off the hair- pretty graphic picture, huh? I can just feel pain. . . I mean most women can’t even do it because of how painful it is.

Remember that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin? When Steve Carell’s character got his chest-waxed? Soooo painful! I just can’t see why a man would wanna go through that, but I guess Beyonce and Cassie prefer their men hairless. . .

Let’s be real no one’s surprised that Diddy gets bikini waxes

Check out this excerpt I found from one site:

*Men Brazilian Waxing is a hair removal on everything in your bikini, two sides, genital, testicles, gap between the butt and anus with wearing a paper thong. Leave you completely nice and clean, smooth and silky feeling. With a Brazilian wax, you’ll never have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. A Brazilian wax is not something you should undertake at home; it’s definitely a professional procedure. You’ll never be able to reach all the spots and crevices a professional can, and really, wouldn’t you rather have somebody else making sure you’re perfect?

If you think you want to try to be baby’s bottom smooth you should try to choose products that won’t irritate your skin. I would recommend using whatever you see your mom and/or sister uses- if they have really good skin. There’s an Australian wax called Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips that is a favorite. You can find it on Amazon for the low.

Check out there website

So, let’s be real guys- do you shave down there? Would you wax down there? I have to know your thoughts on this interesting topic.

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  1. thats a no-go for me

  2. i wanna say that shit is gay, but i do shave down there. . . but i still think waxing down there is non-hetero

  3. lol… well diddy is gay- im just surprised at jay z

  4. Okay that is so homo
    no thiss niggas homo
    hell no diddy is gay n im surprised jigga man doess itttt

    that shit works wonders, great for if you want your cakes ate!

  6. I don’t think it’s gay at all. I do shave down there but I don’t think I’d do this mainly because of the pain. A shave is enough.

  7. i shave down there, my girlfriend likes it better like that. . .well she dont care too much, but i get a better view when its bare, lol. . . plus i think it makes it look bigger. .

  8. y’all are pretty funny… but I just checked out that Nair for Men- and I must say, it seems like a good product,lol, if you’re curious about being bare then definitely check out Nair for Men:

  9. I have performed over 500 male brazilian waxes in the past 3 years. Nothing can get you this clean and smooth, and, if done properly, the pain is minimal and completely bearable.
    My clients wrote some testimonials, you can get a first hand opinion from regular guys who love feeling “So fresh and so clean…”

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  11. the tree looks bigger without the bushes

  12. i tried this a few times, and it really is great. @Anonymous repped – the tree looks bigger.

    the cost is not really the pain, because that is fleeting. the REAL cost is the itch and the grow-back period when new hair becomes prickly (thick hair) and itchy (skin irritation)

  13. haha sure i shave down there…but i know we europeans tend more to things americans would classify as "fagstuff"….like wearing scarfs….and showering every fuckin day…jk

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