Men’s Style: The Perfect Casual Club Attire

Jay-Z, Usher, Nelly, & JD hittin’ the club

It’s Thursday night and many of you are making plans to go hit the club scene. The problem is that most of you may not go out looking as fly as you think. Many men tend to over think the club attire, they’ll wear baggy jeans with a button down shirt that may be tucked into the front to show off the belt buckle, lol, then they’ll have on some shades. . . it’s just an all-around bad look!

There are so many different types of looks you can rock to the club. And depending on what kind of club you’re going to you may dress up or dress casual. But overall there is a great basic club look that will surely catch the right attention…

The basic club look: slight v-neck tee, quality dark denim jeans (that fit you), dope sneakers that fit your personal style, and a fitted hat (preferably an A’s fitted, lol). You should also wear a nice belt, stunner shades, and a stylish watch.

Slight V-neck shirt:

The v-neck shirt has been around for awhile, but stores like American Apparel have made it popular. The v-neck is modern and edgy, but you have to make sure the V isn’t too deep, unless you’re attracted to the same sex. Deep V’s are extremely popular with gay males, I hope I’m not offending anyone, but it’s true. You can wear a deep V as a heterosexual male, but you may attract more dudes than chicks (I’m from Atlanta so I know:-) I suggest a dark colored slight v-neck tee like navy, black, or burgundy, but a graphic slight-v is also a great choice.

3-pack American Apparel, $36
Buy it here

Akademics, $28
Buy it here.

Quality Dark Denim Jeans

You can’t go wrong with dark denim. It’s simple, stylish, and always make you good. Check out the jean guide to find the brand that fits you best.

LRG, $54.99
Buy it here

Armani, $135
Buy it here

Dope Sneakers That Fit Your Style

Don’t listen to people that tell you women don’t notice your feet- b/c they do. It’s not about having on the newest pair of J’s, it’s about having nice clean kicks that enhance your style. They don’t have to be loud or exotic, they just need to coordinate.

All Stars: keep it funky or stick to the classics

Supra’s in croc suede

Skater Shoes are pretty hot- DC

Vans Authentic are always a good choice

Creative Recreation shoes always give an edge

For Accessories:
New Era has a plethora of fitted hats you can choose from

– Check out my watch guide for info on the best watches- I would suggest a gold or digital watch

– Rayban has some of the best shades at good prices- you can buy them on eBay

– You can find belts anywhere, for new styles check out

Sidenote: If you sag a little make sure you have on some nice boxers (Old Navy has nice ones)

Check to make sure you have some breath-enhancers and some really good cologne (not too strong though). Also, make sure you atleast have a shape-up and please make sure your nails are cut.

Have fun at the club tonight! And use protection if you end up getting some nookie (too many STDs out there)…

*** This is the basic casual club look alternative for those who usually wear baggy jeans, XL tshirts, and airforce ones. This blog is full of other, more modern and gentleman like looks that would be great for the club Ex. blazer, v-neck, trousers, and lace-ups   -OR- button down, dark denim jeans, and boots… club attire changes for each club and each person.

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  1. hey this blog is top notch really no what your talking about really like the style tips

  2. These sneakers are fantastic..! First one is my most favorite.

  3. Okay, here's what it is about the club style! Now I live in the Hollywood area, and honestly, the dudes out here don't get too formal when it comes to hitting up the clubs. Like, I stopped clubbing before I turned 21(some months ago), but when I went to all the 8 & older clubs where all the 20 and younger ppl were at, no one dressed formal. Some of the chicks dressed nice, some of em dressed casual, but none of the guys dressed formal. Therefore, I would always stand out when I dressed up at these clubs. Now the 21 & over clubs, the guys dress a little better, but they dont go all out. So take advantage of going all out when it comes to style, because the women really love when they see a guy dressed up very nice. It's definetely gona get you lots of numbers. In a few cases, its lead to more…

  4. LBright
    I'm an upcoming urban male stylest….. I always look to your website when consulting a new client. your tips are great for those who can't afford a stylist or just on the go.

  5. Thanks for the advice!! I've been looking around for some urban fashion and could never find anything good. Your blog is excellent!

  6. I am a single male of the older generation. I have always been a creature of urban hip clothing. So I say to us that are over 50 like me and work out 5 days a week, go far it! I always come here before I buy anything.

  7. im an asian dude living in asia, but yo this is where i can get the good look from. REALLY !!

  8. here is my question ? What is appropriate for the high end clubs like XS in vegas

  9. Hey. pleasant blog, don’t you would like to share hyperlinks?


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