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Project Runway Season 5 on Bravo: 3 Black Designers, Bloke by Jerrell Scott

Season 5 of Project Runway

It’s the week of season premieres and I’m loving it! The show I most anticipated was Project Runway, and as a fashion designer in the making I’ve been religiously watching the show since it’s conception.

This season might just be one of my favorites because there are 3 black designers on the show oppose to just 1. So I want to take the time to shout them out on Urban Gent…

Age: 28
From: Houston, Texas
Favorite designers:
Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Karl Lagerfield

Fashion Must: Great shoes

Biography: With a unique eye for details, Jerrell’s designs are intricate and creative. Jerrell found his passion for fashion by way of modeling. The former model admits to not being able to afford “the cool stuff” in his early career, and so he taught himself how to make what he wanted to wear. He describes himself as eclectic and bold and wants to create pieces that express people’s individualities. Inspired by life, Jerrell classifies his designs as “raw beauty.”

Age: 39
From: Chicage, Illinois
Favorite Designers:
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Cristobal Balenciaga
Fashion Must: Low-waist, bell-cut black pants

Biography: Terri is as a freelance stylist and designer from Chicago. She has worked as an assistant designer to Barbara Bates, a stylist and merchandiser for Nordstrom, and a regional visual manager for Levi’s. This Midwestern girl has determination — while attending Columbia College, she started her own fashion organization where any student could display and debut their designs in competitions, exhibitions, and an annual fashion show. She is currently working as a Victoria’s Secret visual manager and would like to break out with her own designs. She has eclectic and funky styles that compliment her own unique personality. Karl Lagerfeld is Terri’s biggest fashion inspiration.

Age: 33
From: Liberia
Fashion School in Ottawa, Canada

Favorite Designers:
Tracy Reese, Valentino, and Randolph Duke

Fashion Must:Great bag

Biography: Originally from Liberia, Korto moved to Canada to attend fashion school. After school, she moved outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where she now resides with her husband and daughter. Drawing from her African roots, Korto infuses tribal details into her classic designs. She is inspired by rich fabrics and textures and says her designs are intended for real, full-figured women. In her spare time, Korto works as a freelance fashion photographer, dances in an African dance troupe and does an African dance troupe and does African hair braiding and makeup. She says her family considers her to be fun and easygoing.

Bloke by Jerrell Scott

The only black male designer, Jerell, is quite the character and he’s sure to be the designer we love to hate. He’s is a very skilled man though because unlike most of the other contestants who studied at design school, Scott is self-taught.”I didn’t have money to buy nice clothes, so I started reconstructing stuff and eventually got a sewing machine,” he said.

He has a line called Bloke that has been worn by American Idol‘s Randy Jackson, the rap singer Timberland and Saudi royalty, Scott said in a telephone interview: “It has raw opulent flair. I’m not just a jeans and T-shirt designer.”

You should definitely tune into Bravo every Wednesday at 9pm to watch Project Runway Season 5, it’ll give you a new appreciation for fashion designers.

More information about Bloke Clothing by Jerrell Scott:

Bloke is sold exclusively at H. Lorenzo Boutiques on Sunset Blvd.
8622 Sunset Blvd.
Angles, CA 90069

G’s to Gents: Episode 1

Some of these G’s are already Gents
great tie, shirt, suit combo

The first thought that entered my mind as I sat down to watch the show was “This ish is sooo fake… these guys are acting, and the acting is bad.” But hey- that’s “reality tv” for you, right?

Anyway here’s the rundown on what happened on Episode 1 of From Gs to Gents:

All 14 guys go into the house, they check it out, get drunk, then get their official club blazers. Fonzworth Bentley announces that their first lesson and challenge will be about First Impressions. He explains that while they are outside having dinner, he’ll pull them into the brandy room to get to learn more about each person.

The guys were basically getting drunk and acting like wangsters (wack-ass gansgters) as they awaited the 2:1 talks with Mr. Bentley. And I must say, Pretty Ricky was the guy of the show- getting drunk, hitting on chicks, and peeing in the backyard- it wasn’t a good look.

During the interviews we find out alot about the guys: Stan is a stripper, Creppa calls his glasses “hater blockers” and he proclaims himself as a goon… lol, yeah right dude, no “goon” would ever be on a reality show unless it’s a behind the scenes look into America’s prison system… but anyway, The Truth got into arguments with several guys in the house and Bentley Fonzworth didn’t like him too much either.

After dinner and the interviews each guy had to cast there Black Ball Vote- in which each guy voted for who he thought should go home. Majority of the G’s got no votes except for:

The truth- 5 votes
Pretty Ricky- 7 votes
Creepa- 1 (Zenel voted for him)
E6- 1

In the End:
Pretty Ricky went home: He was drunk as hell all episode and he wore a white blazer over his club jacket, which irked some people.

The Truth went home: E6 plotted against him heavily and told everyone to vote for him and it worked.

Fonzworth Bentley’s Gentleman’s Guide:
Lesson 1: First Impressions

The moment you walk into the room people are trying to figure you out: how you look, how dress, how firm your handshake is- these are queues people use to evaluate you. Leave a bad impression and it may last forever. You never have a second opportunity to leave a first impression.

Urban Gent view: First impressions are very important and great dressing and grooming is the best first step to making a good impression.

Wheat/Straw colored blazer, white & sea green plaid shirt,
copper tone pants, lavender tie, navy pocket square,
and gold tie clip.

First Impressions is a lesson that we all pretty much know, so the only real lesson from this show can be learned by paying close attention to Fonzworth Bentley’s attire. Dude is a sharp dresser, and we’ll definitely get some great style examples from him this season. Take note of the colors he wears, materials, and patterns- I think we’ll find alot of interesting combinations that work.

Zenel is a Sean John model

On another note… While watching the show I kept thinking that Zenel looked familiar and it’s because dude’s a Sean John model. He has also modeled for Akademics, Azzure, Virgin Mobile, and many others… He’s probably in the VIBE or Source Magazine that’s on your coffee table right now.

yeah, he’s a G alright, lol…

Male models are G’s now? Yeah-no the shows credibilty was pretty much shot after I learned this. I really don’t want to watch anymore episodes, but because I vowed to cover it-I will, but I think I’ll more or less only cover the lessons. Also, this season we can expect to see guest appearances by Master P, Irv Gotti, and a few others. Looks like a pretty violent season ahead of us, we’ll see…

From G’s to Gent Premieres Tonight on MTV

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There’s alot show premiering this week: Run’s House, Project Runway, and (drum roll please) From G’s to Gents- tonight at 10pm on MTV. You can check out my previous introductions of the show here & here.

After doing some research I found that many of the cast members are already “underground famous” they have their own shows on youtube, underground rappers, and one guy even had a role in ATL as big boi’s little cousin. That just goes to show that these reality tv shows are definitely ways for people to just get famous or more famous. Two of the G’s from G’s to Gent have left comments on Urban Gent asking us to tune in to the show… we will- I just wonder who’ll end up winning the $100, ooo.

Before watching the show tonight, go check out the cast and let us know who you think has the best chance at winning the 100 Grand. (See G’s to Gent Bios)

They all seem kinda corny though for some reason though. . .

Hopefully Mr. Fonzworth will give us some real gentlemanly advice, if it’s far-fetched I’ll be sure to bring some real to it so that you all can actually apply it to life. Check back first thing tomorrow morning for my take on the first episode:-)

The Cast of From Gs to Gents

Men’s Grooming: Diddy & Jigga Man Get Bikini Waxes

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Mr. Shawn Carter likes it bare down there

“Bald is Beautiful” – Jay-Z

When I first learned of Jay-Z and Diddy waxing there private areas, I thought it was pretty funny. I thought to myself “Okay Diddy- I can definitely see that, but Jay-Z iounno that’s a little much”. But at the end of the day I do know guys that shave in places that are typically only shaved by women and swimmers. I can totally see why men would do it- cuz no chick wants her man to look like Chewbacca down there, lol, but waxing??? Waxing just seems like it would be too painful for men. . . I mean c’mon putting hot wax down there ripping off the hair- pretty graphic picture, huh? I can just feel pain. . . I mean most women can’t even do it because of how painful it is.

Remember that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin? When Steve Carell’s character got his chest-waxed? Soooo painful! I just can’t see why a man would wanna go through that, but I guess Beyonce and Cassie prefer their men hairless. . .

Let’s be real no one’s surprised that Diddy gets bikini waxes

Check out this excerpt I found from one site:

*Men Brazilian Waxing is a hair removal on everything in your bikini, two sides, genital, testicles, gap between the butt and anus with wearing a paper thong. Leave you completely nice and clean, smooth and silky feeling. With a Brazilian wax, you’ll never have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. A Brazilian wax is not something you should undertake at home; it’s definitely a professional procedure. You’ll never be able to reach all the spots and crevices a professional can, and really, wouldn’t you rather have somebody else making sure you’re perfect?

If you think you want to try to be baby’s bottom smooth you should try to choose products that won’t irritate your skin. I would recommend using whatever you see your mom and/or sister uses- if they have really good skin. There’s an Australian wax called Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips that is a favorite. You can find it on Amazon for the low.

Check out there website

So, let’s be real guys- do you shave down there? Would you wax down there? I have to know your thoughts on this interesting topic.

An Orginator of Fly: The Style of Pharrell Williams

The style of Pharrell Williams is purely iconic


Pharrell Williams is simply fly. He began as a behind-the-scenes guy producing some of the hottest beats and tracks for stars to being his own hip-hop rock sensation. And like wine- with time he's managed to age into one of the coolest most unique easygoing chill nerds we all know. . . and love! Just like his music, his style has also gracefully developed to be one of the best in the world. He's been idolized and adorned by all the top style powerhouses including Gentleman's Quaterly (GQ).

I love Pharrell for his ability to make looking fashionable easy. I absolutely love the style of guys like Kanye West, but let's be real- you Know they take a good bit of time thinking carefully about what to rock. Pharrell, on the other hand, rarely looks like that. And the fact that he's pushing 40, and he's able to wear what he wears without us questioning it, is fly. . .well, lol, he's like 35- which is young, but you get what I mean . . . Pharrell's style should not be taken for granted by anyone. Yeah he may rock an over-sized purple Hermes bag, but hey – he's Pharrell. And the older some guys get the more flamboyant they become as well. . . and that isn't always a bad thing.

Alright so dude is unique. He mixes skater guy + beach bum + hip hop + prep. Alot huh? Yeah it is, but to be honest he is actually one of the originators of this look that every guy tries to rock these days. And since he's an orginator you should pay close attention to how he dresses. Basically his style is a collaboration of different looks and on the average day to get Pharrell's look, you do this:

small/medium one-image graphic tee + quality denim jeans (that are slightly fitted) + ice cream or bape shoes or low-top vans+ trucker hat + keychain on your jeans + digital watch = Pharrell's style.

Pharrell at SS09 LV show

Now of course the easiest way to get Pharrell's look is to just rock clothes from his Billionaire's Boys Club line. But in general, the brands Pharrell wears are: A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Ice Cream, BBC, and Louis Vuitton. And as of late he's shown love for murses and manbags– a term he hates by the way, lol- sorry Pharrell. So rockin a bright colored travel bag with your threads may give you an even more authentic Pharrell look.

Mr.Williams doesn't just do the whole casual hip-hop/skater/beach bum look, he also dresses perfectly preppy on a regular- check out his latest photos from GQ Magazine's July Issue:

At the end of the day Pharrell is a world-wide trendsetter and when you add that to the fact that he was Voted The Best Dressed Man in the World by Esquire in 2005, well that just boosts his fashion credibility and make's him one of the most official Urban Gentleman.

cindy from the urban gentleman

Step Your Watch Game Up: Latest Watch Trends

Lupe has helped to bring back some of the latest watch trends
Watches. . . sometimes they seem like a thing of the past especially since the invention of the cellphone. Now of course there are those who ALWAYS wear watches and it’s commendable because watches are great accessories. They’re sort of like the equivalent of bracelets for women- to some extent. If you are one of those men who wears watches daily then you probably already have your favorites styles and brands in mind. But for those who don’t. . . . well, you should think of watches as an accessory more so than a necessity, therefore you should get a watch or watches that fit your style. The newest watch trends are all pretty hot, but you should really look over you wardrobe and analyze your style when trying to match which watch style is best for you.
I think some of the flyest watches are digital these days. When I was younger I thought they were pretty nerdy, but now that nerdy is in digital watches are cool. . . superCool, lol. They fit in perfectly with the overly prep styles, 80s styles, urbanPrep, and they go GREAT with graphic tees. . . they’re just kinda dope. Check these out:

Neat huh? And sleek at that the same time. This is a great watch- very tech savvy looking.
“Pimp Watch” Saishin Diode
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This a nice clean simple digital/analog watch. It would look good with the graphic tees.
Fossil Ana-Digi
Buy it HERE
It’s a watch AND a calculator – at the same time, lol. . . With this watch on your wrist it’ll be easy to caculate how much you’re spendin’, it may even help you out on a test, who knows- the possibilties are endless with this one;-)
Vestal “Calcutron”
Buy it HERE

This is the watch NERD’s like Pharrell William rock on a daily. Yep, he’s a Casio digital watch fan, and I must say after checking out the website– they have some great picks there. The one above was just released in March.
BAPE G-shock MGD-00209

Forget Platinum, GO GOLD:
Like Lupe says “Got my- gold watch- and my. . . ” you know the rest. After about a decade of getting no love, Gold is back in style and that includes gold watches. I’m kind of glad Gold is back b/c it allows for more variety. Check out these Lupe style watches, and make sure you cope one so you can be “the coolest dude, what”. . .

This is a good choice, and the watch looks just as vintage as the Penguin polos.
Penguin Gold Watch
Buy it Here
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This is a very classic looking watch, and it would go great with a casual or dressy outfit.
Paul Frank Gold Watch
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

Now these elegant time pieces are perfect for those who want to go back to gold, but in the least corny way.
Guess Gold Watches
Left: $125.00 Right:$115.00
Buy them HERE

Now this watch makes me laugh, lol. . .why? Because look at it- it’s so damn nerdy. It’s gold and it’s digital a happy medium between the main watch trends. AND it’s a Timex- so that adds to it’s nerd-like credibility. Call me crazy, but I really like this watch, I mean I really really do- okay, well I’m not in LOVE with it and I mean it’s no Jacob watch, but it’s so trendy. . . and for only $35.00 it just doesn’t get any better. PLUS it looks alot like the gold watch Lupe rocks.

Timex Digital with Chronogragh
Buy it HERE
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