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Essence Music Festival 2008: Men’s Fashion- Kanye West, Chris Brown, & more

Kanye West is one of the many headliners at this years Essence Music Festival

One of the biggest gatherings of African-American recording artist happens each summer at the Essence Music Festival. Only headliners perform, and year after year Essence delivers the best artist of every genre. This years artists included everyone from Rihanna to Chris Brown to Kanye West. Check out some of the styles stars rocked at this years festival- held this past weekend in New Orleans.

Our main man Kanye West does it up in an interesting
ensemble. He’s rockin a snake-skin baseball jacket, leather
gloves, and a hard to find Louis Vuitton Damier Azur
backpack. It’s alot going on,but we always make
exceptions for Mr.West.

LL Cool J rocks it the same way he does at every event: graphic tee, cross necklace, baggy jeans, and a NY fitted that matches his shirt. He wore the same “Respect” t-shirt to the BET Awards a few weeks ago, but it was in black. I’m thinking it’s part of his new clothing line that is coming out in September. LL’s clothing line will be exclusively sold in Sears.

Musiq hit the stage in a red leather jacket, aviators, and
Obama shirt. “Yes We Can”! You can expect to see someone
wearing an Obama shirt, at every single major event in the world for now on:-)

Chris Brown stays stuntin’ , this time he rocks a Bathing Ape “Baby Milo” shirt, light royal blue American Apparel pants, and Vans SK8 Hi Dripworks in blue/pink. You gotta admit even if you think the pants are questionable the shoes are sick.

ROCK it Like Chris Brown:

Van hi-tops, $49.99,
Blue slacks, $68.00,
LRG Green straight-leg pants, $68.00,
A bathing shirts, $45.99,
Studded belt, $15.00,

Instantly Increase Your IQ: Men’s Accessories Part II- Glasses

Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West consistently jazz up their look by wearing glasses
Kanye is rockin’ Tom Ford glasses above

Glasses. When you were little wearing them made you lame. People didn’t like you, some even called you names. . . 4-eyes, goggles, etc. But now it’s 2008. . . and the past few years have been slowly preparing us for this moment- GLASSES are HOT. The flyest dudes in the world rock glasses these days, and you might as well join the club. And the best thing about them is that they automatically make you look smart- boosting your IQ by atleast 50 points, lol. Glasses are absolutely a perfect addition to an Urban Gentleman’s wardrobe.

Not every retail store carries clear glasses quite yet, but many do. There are several ways to get these glasses- check out the list below:

1. The Urban Gentleman Store
We have the latest styles are recession-friendly prices. We seriously have the best collection of all the latest trends in eyewear, clear glasses and sunglasses, at very low prices, check it all out here.

2. American Apparel
They always keep chic frames in stock. There online selection is okay, but the instore selection is much better.

3. Thrift Store
The thrift store carries the most unique frames, and more often that not, thrift store frames are the kind you see in pictures and movies. If you’re from Atlanta- check out Little Five Points for these authentic frames- they have the best selection.

4. LensCrafters
If you want a huge selection of glasses and designer frames to choose from then LensCrafters is your spot. You can just buy the frames straight off the floor or get a prescription put in the lenses. LensCrafters also has coupons.

5. Drug Stores, Wal-Mart, or Target
Drug Store like CVS or Walgreens and places like Wal-Mart or Target carry reader glasses for really cheap prices. If the reader has a prescription in it then just pop the lenses out. This would be the best choice for someone who wants to test out the style.

6. Urban Outfitters

UO has a nice variety at their stores

7. Shades
You can always just buy a pair of shades or use some old shades and pop the lenses out.

8. Online
Buying these glasses online are also pretty easy, and as always The Urban Gent store is your best friend. And don’t be afraid to wear or buy glasses that are modeled by females- glasses are mostly uni-sex anyway.

Other online sites:

– Great styles for really great prices.
– They have a great selection of reading glasses, including retro styles.

Check Out these Specs

The Official RUN DMC glasses. If you want the authentic look, you should cop a pair of these bad boys.

These give that clean, Pharrell Williams type of look. If you’re going to own a pair of glasses, you MUST have these, every stylish guy and girl I know own atleast a pair of these and/or the “grandpa readers” below. Buy these here.

I loooooove these, they seriously add so much personality to any look. Get the “grandpa readers”, here.

I call these the Ron Johnson “A Different World” glasses, some people call them the John Lennon glasses– I guess it just depends on the generation you’re in. Either way, they’re pretty cool right? Get these flip-up frames here.

These vintage inspired clear glasses come in a variety of shades- black, pink, green, check them out here.

These guys are rockin glasses from American Apparel

Get designer frames from LensCrafter
(shown above Burberry & Rayban)

Get these frames from

Brad Pitt rocks these Tom Ford glasses flawlessly.
Very dapper indeed.

(Oh, and don’t smoke- smoking kills you- Brad is just “acting” above)

Local Urban Gentleman: Craig Muse Miller

There will be a new segment to The Urban Gentleman called “Local Urban Gentleman” in which I will feature Urban Gentleman from around the world. If you have serious style, swagger, and ambition and want to be featured send an email to urbangentblog(at)gmail(dot)com expressing your interest. Only a select few will be featured so be sure to include a top-notch picture showing your style.

The 1st featured Local Urban Gentleman is Craig Muse Miller. He’s a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, whose style brings classical flavor to an otherwise fashionably dull campus.

Presenting Mr.Craig Muse Miller. . .

Name: Craig Muse Miller
Age: 21
Location: Atlanta
Occupation: Student
Favorite Quote: “Do You” -Russell Simmons
Style Icons: Ralph Lauren
Favorite Brands: Ralph Lauren Polo & Nike
Favorite Store: Any thrift store they have the coolest clothes!
Favorite Piece of clothing: brown “vintage” Ralph Lauren blazer
bow-tie or tie: tie
flat front or pleated pants: flat front
Shades, hat, or scarf: shades
Ultimate career/life goal: real estate guru and to help others reach their goals
Favorite Book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by.Dale Carnegie
Hobbies: anything real estate related, watching all sports

1. How would you describe your style?
My style is clean and unique…I’ll wear a blazer and a tie but throw on some graffiti chuck taylors with it!

2. How did you become so stylish? Where did it come from or who inspired it?
My grandfather has always been a smart dresser. He’ll wear a suit to a BBQ…lol. He is the one who got me to pay attention to what I wear.

3. What advice would you give someone trying to find their personal style?
I would say don’t try to dress like everyone else or what is in vogue at the moment…Do You! If you like it and feel comfortable go for it…Mix things up.

4. What’s the best clothing advice you’ve received?
Shoes are the most important part of an outfit…nice shoes say a lot…

Get a piece of this weeks Local UG’s Style

Ralph Lauren
Linen Herringbone Sport Coat
On sale: $229.99

Ralph Lauren Cord Blazer
on eBay: $123.25

The Polo List: The Best Polos for Men

A-town rapper Ludacris is a huge Ralph Lauren Polo fan
BET Awards, June 2008



Polos are one of the essentials of a gentleman's wardrobe. You can easily wear them in a dressy or casual manner. There are hundreds of different types of polos you can choose from, but I've narrowed the polo types and brands down to make the 1st official Polo List.

A mini-history lesson: The polo shirt was first known as a tennis shirt. It was designed by 7-time French Grand Slam tennis pro, Rene Lacoste. He designed it because he needed a more comfortable shirt to play tennis in. He first wore it in the 1926 US Open Championship and in 1927 he added the crocodile emblem. Polo players began to heavily wear the shirt in the 1930s (after Lacoste began to mass produce them)- hence the nickname "polo shirt". In 1972 Ralph Lauren included the "polo shirt" as a prominent part of his line called Polo- to further boost popularity. Many English speaking westerners started calling the tennis shirt a "polo shirt" on a widespread level because of Ralph Lauren immense popularity . . . see, you learn something new everyday :-) okay, back to the list. . .

The Official Urban Gentleman Polo List


Ralph Lauren – the Classic polo

This is the polo that everyone thinks of when they say the word polo. The fit of these are the best and now Ralph Lauren allows you to "create-your-own" polo.
Retail price: $79.50 – $125.00
Average Sale prce: $45.00



Lacoste- the Original polo aka the Preppy polo

When you buy Lacoste, you buy the real deal- it's the first
polo ever made. This polo automatically preps up any look,
making it a must in your wardrobe.
Retail price: 79.50
Average Sale price: $50.00

Express– the Modern polo

Express's polo is quickly becoming a favorite of stylish men,
especially since they added the big-face lion logo.
Retail price: $44.50
Average Sale price: $19.99

Chaps- the Bargain polo

This is somewhat of the "starter" polo, meaning that it's the average guys first polo if they didn't grow up wearing it. It's a good quality brand that can be found in most stores.
Retail price: $39.50
Average Sale Price: $19.99 or less

Sean John – the Comfort polo

What can I say, Diddy is a great designer- even if he's crazy,
lol. His polos fit perfectly and they make most guys look fly.
Plus, it's always good to support black designers.
Retail price: $52.00+
Average Sale Price: $30.00

Rocawear – the Hip-Hop polo

Again another rap-star delivers (Jay-Z & Damon Dash). Rocawear has a great line of men's clothing. One of its best feature is the R logo- which always matches the shirts lining. Rocawear polos are really cool, they remind me of Miami for some reason.
Retail price: $58.00
Average Sale price: $35.00

Burberry- the Gentleman polo

With Burberry you can do no wrong. The polos are just about as classic as Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. The best thing about Burberry polos is the high-quality material and rich colors.
I've recognized that most rich and wealthy executives almost exclusively wear Burberry polos.
Retail price: $95- $160+
Average sale price: $75.00

Penguin- the Vintage polo

This is everyone's favorite extra polo. Penguin is a brand that not everyone knows about, but those who do swear by it. I've met guys who exclusively wear Penguin polos. They're meant for young stylish guys who enjoy vintage looking polos.
Retail price: $59.00
Average sale price: $39.00

Coogi– the Artistic polo

Awwwhh, Coogi- so colorful and bright!
There's nothing like a coogi polo, they are so detailed and creatively designed.
Retail price: $78-$88
Average sale price: $58.00


AE (American Eagle)- the Schoolyard polo

When I think about AE, I think about private school kids-
which is cool. American Eagle is a really good all-american
brand, with great polos for good prices. You can also
customize your polo, I made a pink one w/ a navy eagle
on it (showed above).
Retail price: 24.50-34.50
Average sale price: $14.50

Guilty Brotherhood- the Lupe polo

This has to be the most googled polo in the world right now. Ever since Lupe spit his line about liking ". . .Guilty Brotherhood Polos" on Gold Watch everybody has been trying to get there hands on one of these. Unfortunately it's not that easy to cop via the internet.
Retail: $105-$170
To order email, 962-62364

Cindy at The Urban Gentleman

Olympic Celebration: Jordan VII Miro

Jordan VII Miro
Today Opium Barcelona will celebrate their opening and will be releasing the Jordan VII Miro simultaneously. The shoes are an homage to the Spanish artist Joan Miro. The shoe will only be released in very limited quantities and a handful of shops worldwide.

These are some freshAzz Jordans, some people may think they’re too colorful, but being that I’m an artist of sorts- I can truly appreciate them and the deeper meaning behind the design.

Famous Spanish painter Joan Miro had died before the 1984 Olympic Games. Later years in 1992 Michael Jordan and the Dream Team won gold, they played in Miro’s hometown Barcelona, Spain, and in the game Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 Olympic edition. Taking one of Joan Miro’s design, the “Woman and Bird” sculpture. They have mixed that style into the Air Jordan 7 Retro.

I wonder if we’ll see any celebrities rockin’ these artistic creations.

For You, Barack: Versace Spring 2009

Donatella Versace, Milan Mens Fashion Week 2008
Everyone knows Barack is one of the best dressed men in the world, as is his wife- Michelle Obama, who is actually on Vanity Fair’s best dressed women in the world list. Soon to be President (as I like to call him) Barack Obama has graced the covers of nearly every men’s fashion magazine including Esquire & GQ.

Donatella Versace has somewhat dedicated her Spring 2009 Collection to our next President- damn, who doesn’t love this man? Versace called Obama “the man of the moment” and said her collection was for “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.” Her main point is that men like Obama have inspired her, and she designed the line for a modern man with a laid back relaxed look/attitude.

Check out my top picks from the Versace show:

love the cream cardigan

the shirt dude- the geometric look is hot

the sweater is sick

this is a great everyman’s look- simple chic

I think this is my favorite look, it’s like a preppy badAss look

You can watch the entire show below:
Versace Spring/Summer 2009 Show

Jermaine Dupri & Janet Jackson were at the show
Check out JD’s coverage of the event HERE

Barack in GQ

Barack’s political style is unmatched, we all know, love, and embrace it. In his April GQ article Barack talked about his 5 suits and 4 pairs of shoes, but unfortunately Barack’s camp hasn’t divuluged information on the exact labels he wears.

What The Urban Gentleman can take from Barack is that less is more. Classic ALWAYS works, clean high-quality well-tailored suits are literally priceless. Every man should own atleast one really good suit- yeah it may be a splurge, but it’s well worth it. (check out my best places to buy a suit article in the June archives). You can wear it over and over again and it can last a lifetime. Besides, if Barack only needs five main suits at a time, one is plenty for you.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

This is a really cool picture, it shows that Barack Obama is truly a style icon. Look out for an article anaylizing his style- even though he isn’t disclosing brand names, I think I can tell which designers he’s wearing- I’m really good at guessing suits:-)
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