Step Your Watch Game Up: Latest Watch Trends

Lupe has helped to bring back some of the latest watch trends
Watches. . . sometimes they seem like a thing of the past especially since the invention of the cellphone. Now of course there are those who ALWAYS wear watches and it’s commendable because watches are great accessories. They’re sort of like the equivalent of bracelets for women- to some extent. If you are one of those men who wears watches daily then you probably already have your favorites styles and brands in mind. But for those who don’t. . . . well, you should think of watches as an accessory more so than a necessity, therefore you should get a watch or watches that fit your style. The newest watch trends are all pretty hot, but you should really look over you wardrobe and analyze your style when trying to match which watch style is best for you.
I think some of the flyest watches are digital these days. When I was younger I thought they were pretty nerdy, but now that nerdy is in digital watches are cool. . . superCool, lol. They fit in perfectly with the overly prep styles, 80s styles, urbanPrep, and they go GREAT with graphic tees. . . they’re just kinda dope. Check these out:

Neat huh? And sleek at that the same time. This is a great watch- very tech savvy looking.
“Pimp Watch” Saishin Diode
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This a nice clean simple digital/analog watch. It would look good with the graphic tees.
Fossil Ana-Digi
Buy it HERE
It’s a watch AND a calculator – at the same time, lol. . . With this watch on your wrist it’ll be easy to caculate how much you’re spendin’, it may even help you out on a test, who knows- the possibilties are endless with this one;-)
Vestal “Calcutron”
Buy it HERE

This is the watch NERD’s like Pharrell William rock on a daily. Yep, he’s a Casio digital watch fan, and I must say after checking out the website– they have some great picks there. The one above was just released in March.
BAPE G-shock MGD-00209

Forget Platinum, GO GOLD:
Like Lupe says “Got my- gold watch- and my. . . ” you know the rest. After about a decade of getting no love, Gold is back in style and that includes gold watches. I’m kind of glad Gold is back b/c it allows for more variety. Check out these Lupe style watches, and make sure you cope one so you can be “the coolest dude, what”. . .

This is a good choice, and the watch looks just as vintage as the Penguin polos.
Penguin Gold Watch
Buy it Here
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This is a very classic looking watch, and it would go great with a casual or dressy outfit.
Paul Frank Gold Watch
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

Now these elegant time pieces are perfect for those who want to go back to gold, but in the least corny way.
Guess Gold Watches
Left: $125.00 Right:$115.00
Buy them HERE

Now this watch makes me laugh, lol. . .why? Because look at it- it’s so damn nerdy. It’s gold and it’s digital a happy medium between the main watch trends. AND it’s a Timex- so that adds to it’s nerd-like credibility. Call me crazy, but I really like this watch, I mean I really really do- okay, well I’m not in LOVE with it and I mean it’s no Jacob watch, but it’s so trendy. . . and for only $35.00 it just doesn’t get any better. PLUS it looks alot like the gold watch Lupe rocks.

Timex Digital with Chronogragh
Buy it HERE
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  1. im feeling that last gold watch too. its funny how the watches i used to wear in the 3rd grade are in style, funny.

  2. Automatic watches are very big and look very sophisticated and are works of art worth owning. Especially the stain-less steel ones that look hecka sick and plus, you never have to replace a battery.

  3. all about swiss watches

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