Top 10 List: Best Men’s Jeans

I’ve been getting alot of questions recently about jeans. Many of you want to know what are the best brands to buy. There’s ALOT that goes into jeans- so many fits, styles, washes, brands, etc. . . It’s hard to narrow the best brands down. So I’ll do a couple of articles about jeans – this time I’ll focus on 10 top brands



Express jeans are so nicely tailored. And they’re the first jean types that I have friends try-on when they are changing their style from baggy to more tailored and fitted.

2. 7 for all Mankind
aka Seven Jeans

These were my first real “designer” jeans. Seven jeans
are super soft, top quality, and can last you a lifetime. These are everyday jeans for stars, especially when they’re in movies.

3. LRG Jeans

LRG Jeans are actually some of my favorite! They have so many styles and colors- they offer looks that no one else does.

4. True Religion

You’ll also catch the rich and famous rockin’ these on a daily basis- you can tell by the “upside down horseshoe” stitching on the back pockets. They’re comfortable and have an overall good fit.

5. Evisu

Japanese jeans are on top these days, and Evisu is one of the top brands stealing everyone’s thunder. They’re a happy medium between extra baggy and extra fitted.

6. Gap

Gap jeans are also an “every guy” type of jean, probably more so than Lucky. Gap offers a plethora of sizes and style for men of all shapes and sizes.

7. Levi’s

When in doubt- Buy Levis. Levi’s are the classic jeans, and they ALWAYS look good. The brand develops with time so they work hard to keep the latest styles in stock.
(Levi’s skinny jeans shown above- most guys shouldn’t wear these though)

8. Rock & Republic

Once again, these are jeans worn by the rich and famous. I really like the way these jeans fit on most guys. . . they make men look trim and not that it’s important to guys, but they also make your ass look great.

9. Tommy Bahama

Some of you may be thinking, WTF! Tommy Bahama?? Yeah, thats right Tommy Bahama. This pick is specifically for the older gentleman- I would say 35 and above (hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone). Tommy Bahama offers a great variety of styles and washes that are very comfortable, they’re especially good for older gent who are unsure of what type of jean to wear.

10. Lucky

Lucky jeans, I call these the “every guy jean” because almost every type of guy looks good in these jeans.

Other Top Brands:

Diesel Jeans

Mavi Jeans

For some reason, not everyone knows they make jeans. But they do – and they’re flawless. Stars like to rock these on the red carpet.

You can buy jeans at most department stores and even at some boutiques. For the best prices on these jeans look for sales at store like Macys, Nordstrom, Saks, etc. and also check out online sites- and are always great choices.There are still so many top-notch jeans that I didn’t mention- let me know what brand jeans are your favorite. . .


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  1. Levis Capital E Bootcut are the best jeans EVER!

  2. i’m a fan of the Express Kingston jeans- happy medium between baggy and tight for me- but more on the baggy side

  3. i only buy seven jeans only.

  4. I bought a pair of Von Dutch and buoy I love them.

  5. i am LRG man myself- all day long

  6. I like many of the jeans that were posted in this one… (in order) Levi’s, Lucky, Gap, and LRG.

  7. i actually have a pair of gucci jeans- one pair and i WORSHIP those jeans, i also effs wit citizen of humanity. . .true religion are my usual going out jeans though.

  8. I like LRG’s and Express jeans. They fit so well, however Levi’s are also very recommendable. I would say my favs are Citizens. They are so soft and comfortable.

  9. I think one pair of jeans that you're missing on this list are Artful Dodgers…I think they're up there with Seven Jeans and Rock & Republic…

    …but personally I mess with Express, LRG, and Artful Dodgers.

  10. i like all the mens’s jeans. cool style and design. especially the gucci. keep posting!


  11. Miskeen, LRG, and Roca Wear jeans all day!!!

  12. Anyone heard of Nudie Jeans, they are by far superior to any of these jeans

  13. There’s absolutely nothing better than a new pair of Rocawear jeans. Mark Ecko makes a decent pair as well, imho.

  14. Keeping it real, you gotta watch out for ebay. They be having fake $hit on their site, and they will even list it authentic. Also, if you ever catch any Lucky Brand jeans at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cop ’em. Those stores are even getting their hands on these fake jeans and selling them. Trust me, you guys need to do your homework before you buy these jeans.

  15. Hey! this is pretty good stuff, such a nice collection of different kinds of jeans, they look great and have a nice style. great post!


  16. PPD jeans; Paige Premium Denim jeans are really good. PPD is for guys are the fit, style etc is amazing. check it out.

  17. Thanks for sharing those Top 10 List Best Men's Jeans. it helps me a lot. I think items number 3 will work just fine. such a nice style. keep posting!


  18. lorenzo shawn daniels

    u forgot Sean John

  19. I just found your blog because I'm doing a men's fashion post and was looking for somewhere to send my readers. Coincidentally it was your blog. I like it!

  20. ag ??????????????????????

  21. Here are a couple of more for your list:

    Edwin (from Japan)

    Aberceombie and Fitch

  22. i go for thee levi's…

  23. Glad that someone finally agrees about Gap. They have so many styles, sizes, and colors that I have no need to shop anywhere else (for jeans). Too bad jeans are the ONLY good thing they sell.

  24. Abercrombie & Fitch makes some nice jeans, though they might not fit everyone right. I can't believe they weren't on this list, maybe because of all the "prep hate" going around.

  25. Pacsun jeans are a great fit..and goes well with almost any those jeans

  26. I really like jeans and I am a big fan of the Dsquared jeans! The cut and the design makes them different from most other good jeans!

  27. Levi's have become a staple for my wardrobe. Dark washes with tailored lenght always look good with both brown or black leather shoes. Other brands that I own that get a lot of rotation are: Volcom brand denim, Earnest Sewn, JLindeberg.

  28. I love my ernest sewn fultons and I just got a pair of Jcrew's vintage slim that are really great!


  30. hey there…impressive list. i really like the lucky's jean, but i went to the site and couldnt find the same one. do you have a link or the model name of the jean in the lucky picture?

    much appreciated

  31. decent list, however, many great jean designers were forgotten…ill compile a mini- list that shuld definetly be added to the above list..

    joe's jeans
    kasil jeans
    hudson jeans
    AG jeans
    dior jeans- my favorite..

  32. Banana Republic relaxed fit, Lucky Brand, Express, Levi's

  33. missing william rast earnest sewn and hudson denims

  34. I have been wearing J Crew for the past couple of years and refuse to wear any other brand. Great quality at a good price, can't beat it. Not a big fan of jeans with the designs on the back pocket such as True Religion, Evisu, or Rock and Republic. I also don't like my pants as baggy as the LRG style up top.

  35. I've just recently gotten into Slim fit jeans. So far Ted Baker has a great Slim fit jean!

  36. I really like the Cipo & Baxx. I wish I could add the best name of the best site you can purchase them and get 15% off

  37. Billionaire Boys Club.

  38. cant go wrong with levis since they have so many styles, but my fav brsnds are true religion and buffalo, mek is also a good brand

  39. Kaporal jeans are damn nice, you might wanna chek'em out =)

  40. I have seen your blog its good, I m also working on it, its really helpful for me.Keep updates


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