An Urban Gentleman Question: Can Men Wear Skinny Jeans?

In the past, without thinking, I would say “heck no… unless you’re a rockstar or you’re gay” because those two types are the only ones who, in the past, have been able to successfully pull it off. But I’ve really thought about this question over the past few months or so and I say that wearing skinny jeans totally depends on the type of person wearing them. (plus many types of guys have been wearing them for years)

I was talking to one of my friends last weekend and we started to talk about Lil’Wayne. He mentioned how non-hetero Lil’Wayne looks in his latest video- A Mille. I don’t watch videos too tough, so at first I didn’t know what he was talking about. But after watching the video, I could kiiiinda see what he was talking about. But the jeans that Lil’Wayne are wearing in the video aren’t really that skinny, they’re more of the “saggy version” of skinny jeans. . . because they Do make them really really skinny. And anyway at the end of the day I believe Weezy can pull of skinny jeans. Why? Because he meets my skinny jeans wearer criteria.

Pharrell rocks skinny jeans
(they aren’t really skinny they just fit)

Male Skinny Jeans Wearer Criteria:

1. Thin or skinny body frame
Thin guys just look better in skinny jeans, bigger guys just look downright uncomfortable in tight pants- it’s NOT a good look) I have a friend who always talks about how he loves “thick dark-brown girls in skinny jeans”; well it isn’t the same for females…. We don’t rave on and on about loving muscular dudes in skinny jeans, sorry.

2. Rock-star
Almost every rock star wears skinny jeans; it’s just apart of the rock star persona. Most of them end up wearing really tight black leather pants at some point in their careers, and it’s cool because it’s some type of rock-star tradition of sorts.

3. Artistic Personality
People with artistic personalities, be it in visual arts, fashion, music, whatever- they usually have the ability to pull off new trends with ease, and they’re usually the ones to start the trends anyway.

4. Caribbean born or descent
It’s a part of the culture- to some extent. I’m half Jamaican and I’ve seen tons of pictures of my dad and his friends rockin’ not so loose jeans throughout the 80s. Matter of fact he has one picture in a pair of red skinny jeans with a varsity type jacket, leaning against his Beamer- its kinda hot…. I’ll upload it if I can find it.

5.) Non-heterosexual
I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but let’s be honest gay men can pull of shyt that straight men can’t. It’s just apart of life and the sooner some of you all realize it, the better :-)

A combination of atleast 2 of the 5 criteria is the best, but having atleast one is essential. The 1st point about being skinny is also a must, so really you should atleast match #1 plus any of the other numbers.

Notable skinny jeans wearing music artist: Travis Barker, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Pharrell, and almost every rockstar.

Chris Brown
(note that sagging with a belt is oxymoronish,
please guys pull the pants up)

All in all be cautious of skinny jeans. If you think you wanna wear them or you think you can pull them off, just make sure the styling is right. You can buy them from a couple places- Gap,, American Apparel, LRG stores/websites, and Urban Outfitters.

Check out Weezy in his red “skinny” jeans:

How do you feel about men in skinny jeans?

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  1. I love skinnys, they make you look taller and they give an edge if you hook up the ensemble the right way.

    I love your blog by the way. check mine out.

  2. im against it as a whole, but its cool sometimes on some people..

  3. Chi City Animated

    I personally wear “skinny jeans” but like Wayne they are the “sagggy/baggy” version. But I do agree that the skinny jean is definitely not for everyone!

  4. I like them, and even though I’m calling them skinny in the article, they really aren’t skinny- they just fit. It’s just that it’s a very drastic change for guys who are use to wearing baggy jeans, but baggy jeans suck and they’re hella sloppy.

    So I think all guys should wear a variation of the baggy skinny- it just looks better, unless you’re really big- then it looks uncomfortable.

  5. I dont wanna call them skinny jeans, but i definitely have shrink to fit levis that i literally shrunk in the shower to fit me just the way i wanted. they aren’t skin tight, but they are kinda rockstar. But i’m also pretty thin guy so i can pull it off with some hot sneakers. not evryday but some days.

  6. My feet are two big (12) for any version of skinny jeans. I only buy boot-cut jeans but they are the tailored more fitted kind.

  7. im so proud of you…this site is ab fab! but lol @ your reference to brandon :)

  8. i wear skinny jeans pretty much everyday, unless i go to church or doing something athletic… but i usually put skinny jeans on after either of those things are over
    i occasionally wear cargo short as well
    i not sure if i even own loose fit/ baggy jeans
    i own pretty much every color od skinny jeans: black, white, stone wash, navy blue, turquoise, light/ sky blue, red, orange, green, gray, and a few of normal jean color

  9. Ever since i was in high school and started BMX riding i wore fitted jeans; this was so functional for me bcuz my jeans wouldnt get caught in the chainring and shred them. Not only do i strive for functionality but they are so freakin comfortable. Rockin the all black fitted now :)

  10. where can i get skinny badass jeans like waynes?

  11. i wear skineys like crazy it just looks mad crazy and it gets the girls

  12. I agree that skinny jeans look good only on skinny frame people. The other criteria do not matter, if your anything overweight stay away it looks bad on you. If your average weight use caution. Only if your skinny as in being 6 feet and weighing 165 or less should you be in skiny jeans

  13. I like skinny jeans….but where can I get a nice skinny jeans?

  14. I meet 3.5, since I am metro and not a rocker…
    Skinny jeans are the best thing ever! They keep you warm or cool depending on the weather and they aren’t restrictive at all!

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