Benjamin Bixby: How I Love Thee

Two weekends ago, I took a trip to uptown Manhattan to have breakfast with some friends. While up there I passed Barneys and a window display full of Benjamin Bixby clothing. I was so excited! So I went inside, checked out his stuff, and this is what I found…

I was overjoyed to enter a world with Benjamin Bixby.
I wish they had a cooler setup of his clothing at this
Barney’s location, but it’s cool I treasured every
moment nevertheless.

To be 100% honest, I hate to say it, but I didn’t quiiite feel all the pieces individually. When I looked at the BB clothing in magazines I was inspired, when I saw the display in the Barney’s window I was moved, but when I actually saw the clothes all together… I was like “oh, okay”. Which is a straight reaction, but I thought that I would have been more like “OMG, I FREAKIN LOOOOOOOVE this shit… Sick-O-ning” lol. But I think I know what it is- the pieces have to be combined to produce that southern country 3 stacks flavor that we all love. I also think that the setup at that particular Barney’s was slightly unexciting. All in all I feel that Andre Benjamin did a superb job on building his 90 piece collection that includes basics, sweaters, and accessories.

Inspiration for line.

If you want to purchase Benjmain Bixby clothing visit
Barney’s in New York or Harrod’s in London.
You can also shop online here.

Benjamin Bixby Collection Must-Haves for
The Urban Gentleman include:
1. green vest
2. braces (aka suspenders to some)
3. arm-patched sweater
4. green polo

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  1. I love this line!

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