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Inspire Me: Street Fashion… sockless

Hey guys, sorry for the long break in posts… but Parsons School of Design is a beast! and it’s consuming my life these days, but I am determined to get back to my daily schedule of posting…

Any who. I was rummaging through the net and found some really haute pics that inspire me in their own way, and I was going to just keep them for my personal delight- then I decided they would be great for the blog.
I heart saddle oxfords.
I know y’all are probably thinking…
Cindy this is some dorky ish.
But I love this because it’s so Benjamin Bixby.

Trends this look embodies:
the manbag/murse
the simple man/classic look
no socks

I am really feeling this casual look because
its so effortlessly stylish.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll
vans shoes or skippers

If you look at him starting from the head down to
the waist you would know in your heart that he’s
wearing some nice tailored trousers, but nope.
This gentleman is confidently rocking denim
jeans complete with slashes.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll

As you can see sockless is the way to go… yes, it’s getting cold but its not ice cold yet. Cuffs and rolling up your jeans is very chic and very in, so for these next couple of warms weeks be sure to cuff up your pants and rock your skippers with no socks. When winter comes invest in some really classic, unique socks in a variety of colors.

rugby socks, $8,
saddle oxfords, $129,

Look of the Week

“Look of the Week” is a new feature to come to the Urban Gentleman that will feature a complete look to get you through the week. So take notes and pay close attention to ensure that you will be the flyest guy on campus, the club, or maybe even just your neighborhood. (“The Look” and this article is compliments of one of our past local gentleman Alija Harrison)

Levis are very long lasting and classic. Their boot-cut on purpose, for those gentleman that may have bigger feet than the average. Also, with this color of denim you can wear them with sneakers or dress shoes.

80s Purple Tee
Armani Tee
“Even though the end of the is fast approaching (September 22nd), it is still hot in most places so a V-neck will look hot (get it) with this look. Either shirt one or two will look great.”

Special Edition Burgundy Creative Reaction
“With this style of Recreations you can either wear your pants leg over the tongue or your pant leg inside the shoe. I prefer to tuck the pant leg into the tongue of the shoe, it will make the outfit even more dope!”


UO Vest
“This nice gray vest will look awesome over the v-neck. The vest will help make the outfit look not so plain and boring.”

Silver Chain
This chain will help bring out the silver in the shoes.

Silver Bracelet
“And finally a nice bracelet, which will help to make your arms look not so lonely.”

Enjoy, hopefully this look will help the ladies pay extra close attention.

Justin Timberlake: The Designer, Re-introducing William Rast

After a brief hiatus Mr. Bringing Sexy Back has decided to bring back his line William Rast. Along with other celebrity designers Justin showed his line this week at New York’s Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week. I really like his line, it’s very “Justin-like” meaning that the line looks like the clothes that JT rocks on a daily. Which is more than I can say for some others; there’s nothing worse than celebrities who don’t rock their own brands… freakin’ posers! lol, j/k. Above all I admire that the clothing line has included both female and male pieces since it’s debut in 2006.
Justin Timberlake started the line with his best buddy Trace Ayala. The name “William Rast” is a combination of Timberlake’s and Ayala’s grandfather’s names. The clothing line is truly a rocker’s paradise, full off denim and pieces that truly emulates the style of a rockstar. According to a paragraph pulled from the denim line infuses the soul of authentic Southern heritage with the energy of contemporary Hollywood. Discover tailored pieces that blend rock ‘n’ roll rebellion and modern sex appeal for a uniquely defined style.

And if you didn’t know, Mr.Timberlake launched his Re-introduction of the line with a series of mini movies that feature “William Rast“… starring Justin Timberlake as …??? As William Rast why of course! Check out his series of movies HERE

Re-Introducing William Rast:

One of my favorite looks from the show

The William Rast Design Team

You can buy William Rast from a variety of stores including

So What Do You Think of William Rast?

Fashion ROCKS: Red Carpet Fly

To kick off Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week CondeNast hosted it’s 5th Annual FASHION ROCKS at the Radio City Music Hall. FASHION ROCKS is a star-studded concert that honors the extraordinary relationship between fashion and music and features a host of music’s most glamorous trendsetters. Check out some of the red carpet trends…

Justin Timberlake
Listen guys, this year it’s all about the cuff.
Whether you’re rockin‘ boots or sneakers, wearing dark
denim jeans with a cuff will give it an edge.

Chris Brown
This guy is truly trendy. He hit a home run with
this dressy marching band vest.
It’s appropriate for this event

Black Eyed Peas
This group is always extra unique.
I’m feelin’ the metallic shoes.

Sean Paul
Dude? where have you been?
I love this guy, but I think his style could
be better.

Flawlessly fly.

LL Cool J.
I hate to call him out, but when is he gonna
get a stylist. He does an okay job with his
red carpet looks, but they could be so much better

Chace Crawford
Very clean, a pair of chuck taylors are
a must for everyone’s wardrobe.

Terence Howard
He always has the best shirt, jacket,
and pocket square combinations

CBreezy performing

looks very Kanyeish huh?
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