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I’m So High off Etro

Over the past few months I’ve fell for Etro- hard. I mean I was amazed that I had not noticed the designer before. I love color, texture, and print and so does Kean Etro. The pure ironic contrast of prints and strategic use of color in his designs may seem like over kill to some, but it’s like a box of jewels to me. Some of his runway looks seem a bit aggressive, but the Etro ads (in GQ, Vogue, etc) are just downright inspirational. When I look at his line I just wanna touch it, don’t you?
Etro Spring Summer 2009:

i love the use of the older
gentleman… very swank.

how could anyone be more dapper.

one of my favs.

the patterns are sickening.
and i dig the tatts.

every designer had skirt in his
collection this year.
hmmmm, i don’t know how i
feel about that… lol, yes i do.

Swanky Indeed: Benjamin Bixby Spring Summer 2009

He brings it so hard…

He really favors Andre Lauren Benjamin huh? Yeah he does…

Lil Wayne: 2008 Voodoo Experience at City Park

looks like someone has been reading The Urban Gentleman
check how weezy accessories… fingerless gloves,
chain on the flat front khakis, malcom-x
glasses, fitted hat, watch and ring.

now if he could just pull those damn pants up.

but on the real guys, sagging this hard is
sooooo NOT whats up, please dont do it
it makes you look uncomfortable and like
a gang-banger, lol.

plaids and glasses are so beat. even thug’s wanna
look smart these days, lol.

Want Lil Wayne’s look?
For plaid shirts, click HERE.
For glasses, click HERE.

On the Streets… PS: The Sartorialist

Every once in awhile I will glance through the street fashion found on the sartorialist website. I pulled a few for you guys, what do you think?

elegantly rough.
southern gentleman (minus the purse)
[New York City]

haute to some not to me.
but his style game obviously goes hard.
oh, but the shoes! Yes.
[New York City]

poor man flyy.
love the jacket, lets burn the shoes

underneath the sweater- perfect.

why can’t they all dress like you
(but loosen up, lol.)

color palette- sickening (i love it)
star trek, hmmm, idk.
[New York City]

waist up? i can appreciate it.
heels? im sooooo over it.

androgynous… i have so much to say
about this whole “feminine man” trend.
i’ve been working on a few articles for the
past few months about it, but i’m slightly
hesitant to be extra blunt about the
whole ordeal… long story short- i’ll
expound more on this feminine man trend
later, but just know that– i don’t like it, lol,
for the most part anyway.

3 different patterns- its the standard of fly
[kanye west concert]

Anyway, what do you urban gent think?

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