Color Me Plaid

One of my good friends, rocks his plaid shirt the "East Village way"
For some reason, I've always had a thing for plaid. And when I found out that my Jamaican grandfather was half Scottish… it all made sense. Plaid is haute and it is the pattern of choice for this fall and winter season. Some of you may be thinking "Hey, I'm not trying to look like a westcoast thug", but trust me, as long as it's not buttoned up to the top and you aren't wearing a blue or red bandanna then I'm sure you'll be okay (just don't start crypt walking down the streets, lol)… So it's time to grow out your beards, put on some boots, and go buy a plaid shirt, cuz they're rockin' sockin'.

Check out our selection of plaid shirts here.
Façonnable Jeans Plaid Poplin Sport Shirt, $145,
Burberry Slim Fit Woven Check Shirt, $195,


Penguin by Munsingwear Plaid Shirt, $36.99
7diamond wovemn plaid shirt, $29.00,


GAP Fitted plaid shirt, $39.50,
AE Buffalo Check Shirt, $29.95,

Paul Frank Plaid Flannel, $68
Insight Blunt Time Checked Shirt, $60

Stapleford Buffalo Work Shirt, $29.99,
Shades of Greige Western Woven, $89.99, urbanoutfiters


Eagle Western Shirt, $29.95,
Jonathan Plaid Shirt , $23.90,


Okay, let's pretend it's 7 days later and you've gone to the store and bought a plaid shirt or two, now you're like "okay, what do I do next, how do I wear this"…

Option #1: "The East Village Way": white v-neck tee underneath, skinny jeans or jeans that fit, worn down chucks, skippers, or neutral colored boat shoes, and the shirt should be worn open or buttoned over the tee, oh and don't forget to roll up the sleeves. Optional accessories include a hat (the kind your grandpa wears, lol) and wayfarer shades.

Option #2: "The Benjamin Bixby Way": v-neck sweater, khaki or neutral colored cords (aka corduroy pants), loafers or new pair of neutral colored Converse (the beige ones), and the shirt should be worn underneath the sweater tucked in or out depending on your mood. Optional accessories include a hat, striped scarf, and braided leather bracelet.

Option #3: "The Too Cool For School Way": bright colored jeans (any color jeans that fit really), fitted hat, badAzz sneakers– like pair of Creative Recreation. Optional accessories include glasses- yes, the nerdy kind.

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  1. I am going to try Option 1!

  2. I have the insight shirt on the 1st pic, been rocking it the option 3 way for a while, I have a UK fashion/music/lifestyle Blog. Check it out.

  3. im actually really feeling the benjamin bixby way.

  4. man, if i knew this was coming back i would have kept the plaid shirts i gave away 2 years ago.

  5. i love button up's, and recently plaids being my thing…
    If you trying to go plaid, I suggest always have your sleeves rolled up and it has to be fitted,the write size for you

  6. hey can i ask u smth.. which is better? a nice looking SHORT sleeve shirt or a dull but plain looking LONG sleeve shirt? both are plaid

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