Fall Fragrances: Armani and Gucci

Today I traveled to Macys Herald Square with a friend. While at the uberLarge Macys I decided to check out some of the new fall fragrances. I smelled about 14 colognes (I didn’t have time for many more) and two of the colognes I found were pure perfection. These two colognes will make perfect gifts for yourself, upcoming birthdays, or for Christmas, check them out:

Pour Homme by Versace

Masculine smell with a hint of spice.

Gucci by Gucci

Masculine smell with a smidge of sweet.

Honorable Mention:
Eau Fraiche by Versace

This was also one of my favorites as well.
You can find these fragrances at macys.com or nordstrom.com, but I recommend getting them from an online discount fragrance place or eBay. If you buy these fragrances from the actual stores you’ll probably get some free gifts– samples of other colognes etc.
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  1. Black_Evolutionary

    There’s a new Burberry cologne coming out next month. “The Beat” should be hitting stores mid-November. Will we be seeing a post about that one? And what were the other scents you sampled?

  2. I respectfully disagree. No man should ever buy cologne online unless he’s buying a bottle of an old favorite. No matter the description, fragrances work with one’s biochemistry. Each man’s chemical reaction to a fragrance is different. Although it may smell great in the bottle, it may be muted or smell awful on you. Warmer, heavier scents are best for the cold months ahead. This blog is great!

  3. I’ll have to check out the Burberry!

    I also smelled some of the BLVGARI colognes, Prada, other Gucci colognes, and a few other that I can’t remember.

    And Krush Groove… I to always recommend people go into stores to smell, if you check the archives at one of my June Postings you’ll see (you must be a new reader:-) But many people like to buy their colognes offline to get the best price.

    And these colognes are the type that will mix well with most body scents… You can check the article out here: http://theurbangent.blogspot.com/2008/06/grooming-picks-best-mens-cologne.html

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