Grooming Corner: New Products- Axe, Nivea, and L’Oreal

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Over the past couple of weeks I was sent a few grooming items to try… well, I couldn’t try them (yanno being a young lady and all), but I had some of my male associates use them.

1. AXE Dark Temptation Spray
2. NIVEA for Men Revitalizing Body Lotion
3.L’OREAL Paris Men’s Vive Absolute Clean Hair & Body Wash

AXE Dark Temptation
Info: Developed by world-renowned fragrance expert, Ann Gottlieb, AXE Dark Temptation combines the subtle aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents.

Urban Gent’s Review: 3.7/5 I must say at first I wasn’t sure about the idea of using the smell of chocolate for a cologne. But I was in for a pleasant surprise after smelling the spray. It’s like a literal mixture of chocolate and cologne- mmmm, tasty. I think this is a good inexpensive spray that will mix well with the body scent of most men.

NIVEA for Men
Info: Perfect for the changing seasons, NIVEA for MEN Revitalizing Body Lotion is a creamy vitamin E and aloe vera lotion that has a light masculine fragrance that doesn’t leave white streaks after applying it. That’s because it’s specially formulated to penetrate men’s tough, dry skin quicker than ordinary lotions.

Urban Gent’s Review: 4/5. I actually tested this lotion along with my male friends, and it made my hands soft. I personally don’t like lotions this thin in texture, but I know many people do so I won’t holding it against them. My favorite things about this lotion was the smell- very very masculine.

L’OREAL Paris Men’s Vive Absolute Clean Hair & Body Wash
Info: Vive Pro for Men Absolute Clean Hair & Body Wash is the ultimate cleanser. It combines shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one to quickly clean and condition hair and skin. It leaves you feeling and smelling fresh and energized.

Urban Gent’s Review: 2.9/5. The smell of this product is great and it works well as a body wash. Though it gets your hair clean, the reader who used this product did not like the way his hair looked after using it. The guy who used it is of mixed heritage so his hair texture is a mixture of curly and straight… the product probably works different on each hair type. But he really likes the smell of Vive Absolute and continues to use it as a body wash.

FUN FACTS: Along with the spray AXE sent me over a gigantic dark chocolate candybar… it was tasty, but I couldn’t finish it all- it was just too big. There were a few interesting chocolate facts on the candy bar as well, including a someof these:

* Twenty percent of American women would lick their chocolate so
nobody else would ask for a bite

* Nearly 30 percent of American women ranked chocolate as more
irresistible than sex

* Eighty-two percent agreed that chocolate is a temptation that
is hard to resist

* Seventy-two percent of women would hide chocolate to avoid
having to share it

* Seventy-four percent of women consider chocolate to be

AXE Commercial

To Try all 3 of these products it would cost you about $15, you’ll have a shampoo, body wash, moisturizer (aka lotion) and spray. Hmmmm, all that for just $15 isn’t that bad.

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  1. Very good post! We guys need more info like this. We get a lot on how to dress, but not enough on how to take care of the mug. Good look!

  2. Chi City Animated

    I like the post as well…very surprised about the axe cologne thought it would be worst as result of the commericial

  3. i like the axe spray, i bought it on a whim a few days ago and i’ve gotten compliments.

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