I am Man and GIVE ME BOTOX

 |  Grooming

According to The New York Times, men live for botox these days. Hmmm, it’s not that hard to believe really, these type things are becoming more common everyday. I mean if you got Jay-Z and Diddy getting bikini waxes, what’s a lil’ botox?
I think it just speaks millions about our culture, we will do whatever it takes to look younger- that goes for women and men. Some people may hate me for this, but I personally feel like- if it makes you happy, then go for it (as far as these type things go). I think you should learn to be happy with who you are, but I can understand wanting to get a little botox to smooth out the wrinkles. I just think the growing trend of men being just as conscious about their looks as women is quite interesting. There are tons of things that factor into that, but I won’t go into it now ( I have too much fashion drawing to do this morning- Parsons is a beast!) My question is- what happened to the days when a man aging was seen as a sign of maturity and wisdom? I guess times change… so what do you think…



(via NYMag)

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  1. fashionwithasideoflife

    Nah, people look a bit too smooth with it. I’d rather show a bit of distinction in my face.

  2. I would not, due to the fact that botox is basically a poision and i wouldn’t want any foreign substances in my system like them. I would find another way though

  3. I dont wanna smile when I’m angry as hell

  4. No way! I don’t like niddels at all

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