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Inspire Me: Mini Urban Gentleman

Have you ever seen a little boy this flyy before? This little Urban Gentleman will surely grow up to be the President… just give him about 38 years. Photos by New York Photographer Steven Duarte.
The American Dream.

Wait, is that a blackberry?
Yes it is… this little man is about business.

If you’re looking for mini-gentleman suits like these check out Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Brooks Brothers.

Back to the Basics: Grooming 101

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Usher Raymond and his lovely wife ,
Tameka Raymond.

Usher is always very well-groomed and
put together- take notes gentleman.

I’ve been looking around, and it seems that some guys need a refresher on the basics.

Hair, Nail, Skin, and Teeth need to be right at all times– “gotta get it right, gotta get it tight”, lol. Anyway, click HERE.

Fantastic Grooming is a priority and it’s the first step to becoming the perfect Gentleman.

Kanye West: 808′s & Heartbreaks Style


I’ve been listening to Kanye’s Love Lockdown on repeat for the past 30 minutes. I’m trying to really get the feel of the song, and it’s deep. I actually love songs like this because we know exactly who you’re talking about… why Alexis Phifer of course. I guess he’s not loving her the way he wanted to and she’s got her love locked down, lol, jk. Anyway I love the look he chose for the album… I feel it’s appropriate for the overall feel I’m getting from the songs. The look is straight-forward, no smiles, pure classic london/american style with that urban gent twist (shoes, brooch, and shades).

His look is robotic… he’s like a modern robot.
Instead of a being made of shiny silverish metal
he’s wearing a gray suit. His posture, his look,
and the sound of the album (that whole T-pain
voice thing) is robotic.

Kanye West’s new album is entitled: 808’s & Heartbreak , and it hits stores November 25th.

You can listen to “Love Lockdown” on while watching the video. I just listened to two more songs from albums and you can listen to them too:

“Coldest Winter”, click HERE.
“Robocop”, click HERE.

Coldest Winter… I like it enough, it’ll probably grow on me like Love Lockdown.
Robocop… WTF?

What do you all think about his style for the album and his songs?

Smartie Pants: The New Maxwell

When I think Maxwell, I think afro, soul music, slightly un-buttoned white long sleeve shirts w/ chest hair coming out, jeans (or leather pants), and boots. But the new Maxwell is all but afro or dreaded and stereotypically “neo soul”, now-a-days he rocks his hair short, wears glasses, cardigans, and plaid shirts… he looks like your resident nerd and sometimes he manages to favor the late great Malcolm X. He’s been rockin’ this style for the past year or two and I really dig it. And After a 6-year hiatus from releasing new music and years of promises of a trilogy album, Black Summers Night he is back and touring… check out his myspace page for me info:

The old Maxwell style.
Maxwell GAP Ad.

Portrait in New York, Sept. 18, 2008.
The Black on Black on Black is HAUTE.

If you want the Maxwell look:
1. Buy the “Malcolm X” glasses here.
2. Buy GAP jeans, cardigans, and button ups
3. Buy a few Ralph Lauren Polo button-ups
4. Get a bunch of skinny ties… try

Fall Fragrances: Armani and Gucci

Today I traveled to Macys Herald Square with a friend. While at the uberLarge Macys I decided to check out some of the new fall fragrances. I smelled about 14 colognes (I didn’t have time for many more) and two of the colognes I found were pure perfection. These two colognes will make perfect gifts for yourself, upcoming birthdays, or for Christmas, check them out:

Pour Homme by Versace

Masculine smell with a hint of spice.

Gucci by Gucci

Masculine smell with a smidge of sweet.

Honorable Mention:
Eau Fraiche by Versace

This was also one of my favorites as well.
You can find these fragrances at or, but I recommend getting them from an online discount fragrance place or eBay. If you buy these fragrances from the actual stores you’ll probably get some free gifts– samples of other colognes etc.
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