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Urban Gent Techie Corner: Blackberry Storm

I know this may seem a bit off topic, but I had to post this. Did y’all know there’s a new Blackberry coming out that mimics the iPhone? Hmmm… I didn’t know and I’m actually pretty happy. I have a Blackberry and I was going to get a iPhone for my next upgrade, but now that there’s a Blackberry that’s just as hot… I think I may just keep it in the family.

I was an ardent Treo user all my life up until about 1 year ago and I must say– no one, I mean no one tops the email capabilities of the Blackberry… and that email capability combined with the iPhone swagger is enough for me to keep it home. The sexiness of this phone is ridiculous, check it out here.

There’s no way I’m gonna cheat on my Blackberry
with the iPhone now… lol.
It comes out November 16th.

But just out of curiosity has anyone gone from a Blackberry to an iPhone, if so, which is better to you and why? And let’s keep it real please:-)

Ramil vs Justin Timberlake: A Local Urban Gent Recreation

Check out this Local Urban Gent’s recreation of the Justin Timberlake FASHION Rocks cover. He copied this look for his sisters wedding- I’m sure Ramil was the hautest guy there.

Clothing: William Rast from
Shoes: Jack Purcells from
(William Rast is Justin Timberlake’s clothing line, check it out here)

BUCKLE UP: Strapped Supra NS, $175

I am Man and GIVE ME BOTOX

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According to The New York Times, men live for botox these days. Hmmm, it’s not that hard to believe really, these type things are becoming more common everyday. I mean if you got Jay-Z and Diddy getting bikini waxes, what’s a lil’ botox?
I think it just speaks millions about our culture, we will do whatever it takes to look younger- that goes for women and men. Some people may hate me for this, but I personally feel like- if it makes you happy, then go for it (as far as these type things go). I think you should learn to be happy with who you are, but I can understand wanting to get a little botox to smooth out the wrinkles. I just think the growing trend of men being just as conscious about their looks as women is quite interesting. There are tons of things that factor into that, but I won’t go into it now ( I have too much fashion drawing to do this morning- Parsons is a beast!) My question is- what happened to the days when a man aging was seen as a sign of maturity and wisdom? I guess times change… so what do you think…



(via NYMag)

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