Quote It: Jay-Z on Skinny Jeans

“Can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit” – Jay-Z

From the song “Swagga” by TI ft. Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne

I have always liked that line alot because it’s real- everybody can’t wear skinny jeans. Yes, it’s the “in” jean and it will be the jean style and fit of choice for the next 10 yrs. But I feel like too many guys try to squeeze into them when that isn’t necessary. The main thing with jeans these days is that they should be your correct jean size, meaning that they should be able to stay on your waist without a belt. I feel like Jay-Z is taking up for the men that don’t rock skinny jeans on a daily, and it’s kinda cool to me. Now, let’s not get this twisted- Jay-Z is by no means a style icon and you shouldn’t use him for style tips, but he does spit some pretty raw rhymes though right?….
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  1. i feel the same way, some guys is to big to be wearin skinny jeans. i’m 6’7 245 with an athletic build and u will NEVER catch me wearin skinny jeans and my knots will fit in them right now lol

  2. yeah, you wont catch me wearin skinny jeans either- i dont rock baggy pants anymore, but i also dont rock skinny jeans- i wear jeans that fit- and they actually feel better. sometimes i find it hard to believe that i used to sag so hard.

  3. I am skinny and I wear skinny jeans, but i don’t like to buy jeans that are to skinny. I think that I might look too skinny….lol. Do you think that if you are too skinny, that you shouldn’t wear them either.

    And yea i so agree with dedicatedreader. I cannot believe I use to wear baggy type jeans, I tried on a pair of old jeans that I have and I just felt wierd.

  4. I just don’t think skinny jeans on guys are atrractive. I think a guys jeans should be fitted but not skin tight.

  5. Ok..first off no disrespect to anyone…im very open minded and i dont want to offend…but i dont think that Jay-Z was defending people who dont wear skinny jeans…i think he was defending people who DO wear them.. the line was “dont wear skinny jeans cuz my knots dont fit” which means the only reason he dosent wear them is cuz he cant fit into them but if he could he would. idk just a though.

    and yes i do rock the skinny jeans, thats actually all that i have in my closet…the only thing that upsets me is that when im out and im wearing them…people(black people) sometimes look at me funny or call me gay cuz of my jeans…like wtf is that all about…im def. not gay and its very fashionable to wear them…i guess that just goes to show how ignorant people are nowdays. :/

  6. As far as im concerned, any black kid who is still out mcalling people gay for wearing skinny jeans is a bit behind.

    Give it a year and that kid will be doing one of three things:

    -not making an ass out of themself by mocking someone who is fashionable
    -wearing skinny jeans
    -giving you props on your skinny jeans

    Must be a south thing.


  8. personally, unless you're in the underground music scene, i don't think you should wear skinny jeans. i wear them cuz it's been part of the whole lifestyle. also, more specifically, i don't think brothers should wear skinny cuz they look silly; it just looks super trendy. at the same time, baggy just makes you look ignorant as all get out. stick with fitted and you'll be fine. people that are super against it just sound backward like when you hear people saying bigoted things.

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