Weekend Advice: Try A New Trend

I was just thinking about all of you gentleman and I wanted to suggest trying out a new trend or two this weekend. I know some of you are curious and anxious to try new styles and trends– and the weekends are the best time to experiment! I’m not saying debut the look at a VIP event, but maybe throw on some slightly fitted bright colored jeans when you make your run to Target. Try wearing some thick framed glasses when you go get your car washed or tuck one shirt tail in when you go see a matinée at the movie theaters.
The weekends are a great time to experiment with trends because:
1. You’re in a more chill mood
2. You’re running errands, doing random stuff
3. You have more time

All these things relax your mind which makes you more at ease when wearing clothes you may not feel comfortable in. So try something out this weekend and if you begin to feel unsure about what you’re rockin just think to yourself “these people don’t me” and start rapping T.I’s song in your head “You may see me on the streets, but shawty you don’t know me”, lol… it works, because they really don’t know you– so who cares what they say or think about your outfit.

Have a great weekend! Use condoms! Don’t drink and drive! Go to church on Sunday! lol…

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1 Comment

  1. “Go to church”…….LOL……it’s funny when i am out on Saturday night and its like 3 in the morning and i’m like I have to get up and go to church and people don’t believe me…BUT I BE FOR REAL……LOL

    I have so been doing the one shirt tail in and 1 out…..but i don’t think people are taken notice…or maybe they are just use to me doing out of the ordinary things with fashion

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