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War Boots: Jefferey Campbell

Jeffery Campbell has some pretty rad boots. And these old school combat boots- with the tattered canvas, will make you look as if you have authentic battle experience… well, not really.

on sale for $174 until Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was so preoccupied having a great Thanksgiving meal at what has to be the most beautiful residence in Harlem that I forgot to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving- so Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure many of you are hitting the Black Friday sales right now. Men tend to lean towards the electronics than clothing on this day… so got hit up Best Buy, Circuit City, and all those other places and get the plasma screen tv you’ve always wanted.

One random deal I saw on, I know how you guys LOVE these GPS systems.

Magellan GPS System (portable); only $80, you save $120:

No Comment: Men in Bras

Purses, skirts, heels, and now bras…long story short I’m so over it. Call me old-fashion, but I like my men in 2xist tees, calvin klein boxers, wearing pants, a shirt, sneakers/boots/dress shoes, and hitting the gym.

Trend Report: 11/26/08

This is your official public service announcement of the latest trends. Now if you’re a regular here at The Urban Gentleman then you probably already know a few.

As of Wednesday November 26, 2008:

1. Boots are to be worn over your pants. I know it used to be a common sight only among the woman-folk, but now men do it with so much swagger and like I love to say “it goes so hard”.

2. Gold shoes are what’s haute. And not just gold-ish shoes, but outright GOLD shoes are slowly making there way from the underground fashion circuits to runways- oh, and they should preferably be lace-ups. Every once in awhile when I head to Parson’s or as I’m walking through the East Village I’ll see a twinkle on the ground and I’ll spot a pair of gold shoes. Or when I’m headed back to the work in the fashion district I’ll see a very beat guy or gal rockin’ a pair.

3. Yes wayfarer shades are still in and they’ll be around for awhile. You’ll see them in a variety of colors, sheens, and designs…. but no matter how much designers dress them up they will still essentially be wayfarers.

4. If you thought thick framed glasses was as nerdy as it was going to get- you were wrong. Thanks to designers like Thom Brown- high watered pants are so acceptable. You can love it or hate it, but if you live in a hauteTrot place like New York, Paris, or London then you will be seeing this in full effect.

5. The arab scarf has been unofficially replaced by plaid scarves.
(well not so much replaced, but plaid scarves are the shyt these days)

Common Projects: A Pair For You Sir, and You, oh, and You…., $290-$370

If I could buy you all a pair of shoes today, they would be a dandy pair of Common Projects. The rockers, hiphopArtist, and urban gentleman alike will forever more be seen in Common Projects.

I Gotta Pee: Kanye West on Conan O’Brien

Check the body language. The movement– man yall… Kanye is fcked up, lol. No, not in a drunk way, but yanno in that outerspace kinda way… which is cool to me. I know there are a good number of people that don’t like this album because of the “T-pain sound”, but I don’t even notice it… why? Because there’s so much emotion in this dude right now! Even though you can still see the cocky, big-headed, arrogant by day jack-ass by night in him…you just can’t deny the outright emotions he’s trying to show the world. But you’re still not being completely transparent Kanye, just alittle translucent…
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