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Groom My Travels: Baxter of California

This top-notch kit is a must-have for traveling men, only $50 for a kit that includes: face wash, moisturizer, shaving cream, after shave balm, protein shampoo, and 2 cleansing bars. Baxter of California is known for its cutting-edge men’s products that work for many different skin types. Plus you can get free samples online- how dope is that ($5 for shipping).

SWANK or DANK: Anzevino & Florence Plaid Shirt

I must say that I greatly appreciate the unique designs and shapes that Anzevino & Florence create with their clothing… they make you think. This plaid flannel shirt is quite interesting, three different prints, hmmm…. what do you think?

Anzevino & Florence Nirvana Plaid Flannel, $136.00


“Got My Gold Watch”: Nooka

Gold watches are a must to every stylish person’s wardrobe… and this gold watch, well just look at it… it’s the flyest around.


Supra Sexy: Supra Skytop (Wheat)

Okay, I don’t know if sexy is the right way to describe these badboys, but these new releases from Supra are pretty frickin amazing. They go hard….

Rock these sneakerBoots in the most random way you can think of- some tube socks, highwatered pants, bright colored hoody, gold chain, and a vest (wink). Maybe with some overhauls and plaid shirt, but then un-button on of the straps and let your shirt tail hang out. Lol, but seriously these really are some of the toughest “boots” I’ve seen this season.

They’re “officially” released this Friday at your nearest Supra Dealer, but you can get them now (or pre-order) from at 140.00 with free shipping.

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