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I Am King: Sean John

So Mr.Sean Diddy Combs has a new fragrance out- he’s calling it, “I Am King”. The cologne hit stores in December. He has plans to use our new President, Barack Obama, to promote it in an effort to “redefine the perception of African Americans”. I’m not sure how a cologne will do this– mind boggling to me. I figured if an African-American wants to redefine the perception of African-Americans he’d start with himself… idk, maybe it’s just me. Anyway when I go on my next fragrance testing adventure, I’ll try to remember to smell it…. I mean, Unforgivable is pretty great.

SWANK OR DANK: Jordan PHLY Legends

Can a pair of Jordans ever be considered dank? hmmm…. Well these navy, red, and sunset orange Jordan PHLY Legends will hit shoe stores Decemeber 1st– will they end up in your closet? Alright you know the deal- SWANK OR DANK?

Gentleman Spotlight: Chris Paul

I'm so glad GQ did a little article about this guy because I was meaning to do my homework and find more pictures with him. He originally caught my eye at LeBron Jame's Ralph Lauren event… after seeing his picture and his style, I was like "hmmmmmm, this guy has to be featured." This goes without saying, but Christ Paul is a point guard for the New Orleans Hornets and he helped us (America) secure gold in this years Olympics– we dominated!!

Anyway check out this GQ spread of Chris Paul:


Vest, $395, by Michael Kors. Shirt, $395, by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Tie, $100, by Calvin Klein Collection. Cap by J.J. Hat Center. Watch by Oris.

Cindy: The is my favorite shot, I love the juxtaposition of the textures, patterns, and style- so fly. The tie is so cool, and the french cuff shirt makes the look… All gentleman must own a few french cuff shirts.


Vest, $695, by Dsquared2. T-shirt, $16, by American Apparel. Jeans, $225, by Prada. Watch by Concord.
Vest, $398, by Coach. Henley, $105, by Nice Collective. Tank top, $30 (for three), by Calvin Klein Underwear. Chinos, $125 (including suspenders), by Converse by John Varvatos. Watch by Breitling.


Vest, $795, by Versace Collection. Sweater, $295, by Converse by John Varvatos. Pants, $225, by Engineered Garments. Sneakers, $85, by Jordan Brand. Watch by Cartier.


Vest, $90, by DKNY Jeans. Shirt, $58, by Izod. Pants, $70, and sneakers by Jordan Brand. Watch by Audemars Piguet. Headphones by Beats by Dr. Dre.


Vest, $273, by True Religion Brand Jeans. Shirt, $165, by 7 for All Mankind. Jeans, $165, by Polo by Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses by Tom Ford. Watch by Rolex. Belt by Gilded Age.

Could GQ/Men's Style's message get anymore clearer? I think they're trying to tell us vest are in. But not just any vest- bubble vest. Will you be rocking one anytime soon?

photos by Ben Watts

College Cool RULES: Pharrell Williams

At a show in Paris at the Grand Palais: Picasso & The Masters

How many people can truly wear the sames thing over and over again and we love them all the same? Pharrell Williams truly has staple wardrobe items and he wears them well. I thought Andre 3000 was the “staple wardrobe” king with his A’s hat, converse, and suspenders, but Mr.NERD trumps him. After browsing through some of his photos- I noticed that Pharrell seems to have a few permanent staples and he also has seasonal staples. You may ask, what does he do to switch it up? Well, he just changes the color of his staples…

For example this summer/early fall he rocked red BBC hats, but lately he’s been rockin blue BBC hats. This summer/early fall he was rockin black/navy Vans, but lately he’s been rocking his tan Vans. This summer he rocked his white and navy/burgundy trimmed sweater, while lately he’s been rocking his army fatigued get-up.

Pharrell on MTV earlier this past summer.

Pharrell in Atlanta last month w/ Common.

He throws on a pastel colored polo every once in a while and maybe a plaid shirt for these cold months. His wardrobe is so simple, yet he makes all the Best Dressed List. Gentleman, this should tell you that it’s not about quantity it’s about quality and swagger. I feel like Pharrell is unconsciously being a great example for young men with his sense of style. His wardrobe says ” You do not have to own 200 pairs of shoes to be cool, I rock $45$/$60 dollar Vans on a regular and I’m the shyt”. I LOVE IT. Now of course Pharrell has a lifestyle that involves more informal settings, so if you’re a banker or something this obviously only applies to your weekend gear.

I also feel like his sense of style tells all men that it’s important to figure out your sense of style and be confident with it– wear what makes you feel good because Pharrell surely does.

More Pics in Paris at the Grand Palais: Picasso & The Masters

for the Urban Gent newbies… “College Cool” is one of the fall/winter trends inspired by Pharrell. Check it out here.

UPDATED: The Urban Gentleman Store

Hey guys, I hope your weekend is going swell! Be sure to catch up on all the new articles from this weekend, it should make up for the 5 dry days this past week. Also I want to announce the creation of The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I always get emails from you guys asking about specific items to buy, well now you can just visit The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I have specifically chosen items that go along with a variety of trends and styles. Be sure to check out the store weekly for new items- I’ll continuously be adding new items and sections. The Urban Gent Store is especially great for gifts!! Some of the feature items will be on the top left sidebar.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: The Pink Carpet

Check out pictures from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in Miami Beach last night.

The Flyy Guys of the Night:

Usher Raymond (he performed)

Lenny Kravitz

Terrence Howard

Dave Annabelle

The Sexy (or sexiest) Women of the Night:

Gabrielle Union

Selita Banks

Adriana Lima

yep, she’s a haute one.
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