The Results Are In: Kanye Best-Dressed Rapper, but Lupe over Kanye hmmm…

so kanyeezy, they say you’re
the best dressed mayne.
and i must say, your look is so emotional
these days and i love it.

So, If you haven’t noticed there have been some polls on the right sidebar. One asking who is the best dressed rapper alive and another asking who has better style Lupe or Kanye…. and for the best dressed rapper… the winner is drum-roll please– Kanye! (i know y’all thinking “duh we can read the title of the post) and for better style– Lupe. Perplexing results huh? Well I figured I’d launch the ultimate poll and ask who has the better style between Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams…. now that’s a tough poll. My votes goes to…. well, it doesn’t matter, but who does your go to? VOTE NOW (oh and ummm, vote Obama, haha)
Ay Lupe… so alotta people
think your style game is harder than
Kanyes… must feel good, eh?
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1 Comment

  1. Lupe over Kanye any day, Lupe’s fashion game is strong!

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