Emotional Connection: 808s and Heartbreak

Okay, so I was going to do this whole big spiel, yanno talk about Kanye West's new album: 808s and Heartbreaks, but I decided to keep it simple… 808s and Heartbreak is the shyt.

Naw, I can't just leave it there, lol, I have literally been jamming to this album every second of the day for the past week– Robocop and See You In My Nightmares are on repeat c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y. The 808s are everything and more, his insistence that every track use TR-808 generated drum beats for a more 'tribal drum' feel and to get away from 'typical Hip-hop beats' worked, it worked like hell. I mean the songs go hard, they go soooooo hard. The beats? Well they captivate your mind, putting you in an alternate universe where you somehow gain the ability to see like Kanye. His emotions are strategically yet unintentionally smeared throughout the album in the rawest ways. Alexis Phifer (as I shake my head) that girl is definitely deep in his heart, as is alot of other situations and life happenings.

Kanye and Alexis

I haven't experienced this type of emotional connection to an album since The Love Below. Remember when that came out- the double album Speakerboxx/Love Below? I remember getting the album from my big brother, going into my room, popping it into my silver Aiwa stereo system, laying on the bed, and pressing play. My heart, my mind, my soul was touched like never before- it was pure art, pure poetry, just raw and deeper than anyone could ever imagine. And 808s and Heartbreak is the only album that has came close to recreating such an experience. When talented/artistic/creative rappers get emotional – GREAT things happen.

It's funny cuz I didn't even like Robocop at first… but now I heart it. I just have to stop playing it for awhile before I completely play it out… but forseriously (lol), this is his deepest album to date- very honest very real. It may not be The Love Below (who can seriously go harder than 3 stacks??, c'mon), but some of tracks are pretty close.

You can purchase the album in The Urban Gentleman StoreFront (top left corner)- it's in the "Essentials of Cool" section and "Music" section.

An old 808 machine article.

Side Note: I have some pretty rockin sockin video ideas for both Robocop and See You in My Nightmares (Lil'Wayne is a beast in this one), so ummm hit me up Ye' if you need some ideas, lol.

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  1. Agreed Cindy. This cd is a soundtrack to life. Naysayers will be shut up ASAP !

  2. I wish I agreed. I want to agree. I tried to agree. But I just can’t do it. I was looking for that Love Below feel. Obviously not the same sound, but I hoped it would feel new and bold and creative like that album felt. I wanted to listen to it in the car and know that not everyone understood and that they needed to catch up to real music.

    That was my hope anyway.

    Instead, I listen to an album that is so generic and common its ridiculous. What do I mean? A.U.T.O.T.U.N.E (not quite the same as a vocorder or voicebox but its more or less the same thing.) The dreaded T-Pain sound. I mean, you have got to be kidding me. Roger Zaap, Cher, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and now an entire album of Kanye? Ugh. Honestly, its disgusting.

  3. @ Jason….the reason you’re cheating yourself on the album is because you cant let yourself get pass the Auto-tune. Its just an effect. We could all use the same color paint, but we definitely wont have the same painting. Open up a lil……

  4. GL. Its an effect. A crony effect designed to cover up a persons inability to sing. I know I am in the minority on this one….

  5. i feel you Jason… either people love it or hate it, but maybe it’ll grow on you.

  6. i love the album very deep and puts you there im sure everyone can relate to this album if they gave it a chance

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