Kanye West Interview: He’s a Living Legend and He’s Jim Morrison

Check out his loquacious interview, this guy can talk! It’s interesting to hear a star talk for a long period of time, you really gain a since of who they are. He says “like” alot (which I think is cute) and he says he’s apart of the new era of living legends (you can’t say things like that Kanye it makes you seem really big-headed and it’s disrespectful to say stuff like “beyonce is greater than Tina Turner- c’mon now people like her paved the way for female singers like rihanna and beyonce… beyonce is a superb performer, but she isn’t a Janet Jackson.. not yet anyway.)
For some odd reason this interview makes me a little less sympathetic toward Ye’- as far as his heartbreaks go. He says a few things I don’t like and he really is a cockyAzz dude… but it’s cool though. I think he is “finding himself” or re-finding himself- which I can understand, everyone goes through this every once in awhile. Okay, well check it out:

It’s 40 minutes long, so maybe you can listen to it while eating your lunch.

4 Parts total:




Oh and let’s not forget that he’s Jim Morrison,
here’s a not so crazy interview I found of him:

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  1. MAn, KANYE is funny and the man is still cocky as hell.

  2. i HATE it when one black person tries to sum up all black people… “black people dont listen to this kind of music”- what the hell man, you dont know every black person in th world… i dont hear white people saying “white people dont etc etc”. this shows his ignorance because i personally only listen to rock and have been listening to bands he’s been recently turned on to for years.

    i hate that shit. besides that the interview was cool, and its a shame he says stuff like beyonce in better than tina tuner. the man is definitely cocky as hell.

  3. What I don’t like is at the end of his album he had that song that talked about how he learned about how cars and clothes and such weren’t important, people are important. Well he’s talking alot about cars and clothes. Hmmmm.

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