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Just Cuff It

I often meet guys who ask me questions about accessorizing. They feel as if their looks need more, but don’t know what to do or what to buy to give them that little bit of extra. The first thing I’ll mention is scarves, of course, and watches, and other typical accessories. But it’s nice to switch it up and wear something not so common like a cuff.
Cuffs are like the masculine versions of a bracelet, they’re usually made of leather and really look good when worn right. Check out these cuffs from Urban Outfitters:

Double Rap Cuff, 16.00

Bed Stu Grindking Cuff, 24.00

Braided Leather Cuff, 12.00

Brad Pitt: The Curious Case of Men in Bowties

These are some pictures from the premiere of Brad Pitt’s upcoming movie– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I’m actually looking forward to seeing this movie. Brad is sporting a bow-tie to the premiere which is quickly becoming the number one choice for stars on the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, Manuele Malenotti and Michele Malenotti
In the light you can clearly see the different color blacks that each guy has on. It’s important to try to match your blacks if possible. Usually it’s hard to tell the difference, but sometimes it’s quite obvious.

Tyrese Gibson, Taraji P. Henson, and Brad Pitt
Tyrese opted for an ascot and velvet jacket- it’s okay, but he should have worn a bow-tie:-)

Brad Pitt and David Beckham have both recently developed a love for 3 piece suits as well. I’ve been spotting them in 3 piece suits more than usual.

A scene from the movie….

Make a Pick: Boxers, Boxer Briefs, or Briefs

I know everyone is always so caught up on their outward appearance, but sometimes guys focus on it so much that they forget about their undergarments. Having nice, clean, well fitting underwear is important– and trust that women do notice your underwear. So you know, when you and your mate have impromptu sex it’s nice when she’s sporting a sexy Victoria’s Secret bra and sexy undies, well it’s the same for you- women like to see their men in nice underwear as well. So throw out those old, stained, holey drawers and get some new ones.
After checking around it seems has the best selection, with so many brands and colors and styles. So there’s brief, boxer brief, and boxers… I’m a fan of boxer briefs on chiseled guys, but if you have a little belly then wear boxers, and briefs…. well only wear tighty whiteys if you’re playing sports to keep the package safe, otherwise it’s not that sexy. Brands like American Apparel do make some nicely colored tighty whities, but it seems like a gay male thing- most gay men I know wear briefs so I don’t know, to each its own. Any who, check these out:
These basic Calvin Klein boxers are probably one of my favorites. And they’re a favorite to most men because they are loose like a traditional boxer, but the elastic band on the waist is like that of briefs, so they fit and feel perfect.

Burberry boxers are obviously sexy.

These Ed hardy boxer briefs are cool and different.

These are the perfect basic boxer briefs, Calvin Klein has some of the best undergarments, they’re t-shirts are great as well.

Try switching and up and choosing a different color.

These “brando” brief are too much and too short they look like panties to me, but I’m sure there’s a reason why a man would want to wear undies this small, does anyone know? (I’m actually being serious)

To get a pair of these underwear, visit

So what do you wear, boxers, boxer brief, or brief and why?

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