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My British Crushes: JLS- Jack the Lad Swing

Ortise, Marvin, Aston, JB

I rarely get crushes on guys, but the up and coming group Jack the Lad Swing aka JLS are the execption- they’re just down right adorable. (I understand that this is a man’s blog, I just had to get that on the table.) I got word of these guys when someone was talking to me about how many United Kingdom readers I had and that they heard one of the group members considers himself an Urban Gentleman- I was linked to this interview. They are current contestants on a british television talent show called The X Factor, it’s the biggest talent competition show in Europe (basically like American idol). Leona Lewis was discovered on X Factor.

They Can Sing Huh… the next British Boy II Men?
Okay well I don’t technically have a crush on them, but I do like their style- it has certainly transformed over the past few months. They started off in cute matching pastel polos and now they manage to mix their individual styles into a very well polished look.

I think it’s cool that they have designated colors like the Power Rangers- one always wears red, another blue, green, and yellow. Sometimes the things that seem the corniest are the coolest, it’s like Pharrell loving spongebob sqaurepants. These guys are hella talented and I can definitely see them being a hit world-wide. I KNOW girls will go crazy over them in America especially since we haven’t hand a big male group since B2K. From what I have heard them say in their interview they would like to be more like classic all male groups (i.e Boyz II Men) than the typical boy bands (i.e Backstreet Boys).

a very casual coordinated look.

they’re taking it back with the satin jackets,
reminds me of starter jackets.

Here’s a couple of their many funny videos on youtube.

A bugle? His style game goes kinda hard- I like that, very original.
(but “blow my bugle”, how rude, lol)
Oh and check the A’s hat in the background- I’m lovin’ it.

I love the way British people talk!

JLS Brief Biography:

Marvin Humes, 23 (March 18th, 1985)
Occupation: Property Sales, Location: SE London

Jonathan Gill (JB), 21 (Dec 7th 1986)
Occupation: Student, Location: Croyden

Ortise Williams, 21 (Nov 27th, 1986)
Occupation: Works with disabled children, Location: Fulham

Aston Merrygold, 20 (Fen 13th 1988)
Occupation: Singer, Location: Etersbourough

*Marvin has my same birthday- March 18th!!!

EBONY Magazine Person of the Year: President Barack Obama

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Ebony Magazine is a classic in the American household. My grandmother probably has every issue since… I don’t know- 1970. And this month’s cover is simple, yet emotional and grand. Be sure to pick up your collector’s edition of Ebony Magazine.

Pastelle Update: Kanye West and the Designers He Wears

Mr. West in Tom Ford glasses.

Okay, this will hopefully be the last Kanye West post of the day, lol. But after quickly going through the interviews I learned that indeed that is a Pastelle jacket ( I was right, yesssss, lol). The line’s name is still in the works either Past Tell Museum or Pastelle. And he plans to slowly release pieces as they come out and offer them online- I’m interested to see how this will work.

In the interview Kanye says he wears:
40% of Hedi Slimane (tunisian-french designer, created and designs Dior Homme)
30% Stefano Pilati (italian designer, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent)
10% of Tom Ford glasses (american designer)

Obviously this statement is not to be taken literally, but those designers are the “groundbreakers” of our era for men’s fashion. And Kanye is trying to measure up. (Hedi, Stefano, and Tom below in that order).

Kanye West Interview: He’s a Living Legend and He’s Jim Morrison

Check out his loquacious interview, this guy can talk! It’s interesting to hear a star talk for a long period of time, you really gain a since of who they are. He says “like” alot (which I think is cute) and he says he’s apart of the new era of living legends (you can’t say things like that Kanye it makes you seem really big-headed and it’s disrespectful to say stuff like “beyonce is greater than Tina Turner- c’mon now people like her paved the way for female singers like rihanna and beyonce… beyonce is a superb performer, but she isn’t a Janet Jackson.. not yet anyway.)
For some odd reason this interview makes me a little less sympathetic toward Ye’- as far as his heartbreaks go. He says a few things I don’t like and he really is a cockyAzz dude… but it’s cool though. I think he is “finding himself” or re-finding himself- which I can understand, everyone goes through this every once in awhile. Okay, well check it out:

It’s 40 minutes long, so maybe you can listen to it while eating your lunch.

4 Parts total:




Oh and let’s not forget that he’s Jim Morrison,
here’s a not so crazy interview I found of him:

Wardrobe Check: Kanye West Rocks it in New Zealand

Kanye West performs on stage at the TSB Bank Arena yesterday in Wellington, New Zealand.
So let’s analyze the look…

okay so he’s rockin’:
-wayfarer shades
-buttoned-up polo
-white watch to match the shades and collar
-Jordans (you’ll see below)
and, wait- is kanye trying to get swole on us…
has he been hitting the gym? nice.

Here’s Kanye two days ago in Auckland’s Vector Arena:

The Look:
This time Mr. Louis Vuitton Don opts for
-a red button up shirt
-Gucci belt,
-the same white shades
– and supposedly a self designed jacket.

Press conference in Auckland:
awww, he looks happy for once.

The Look:
-same white shades
-and this looks to be a Pastelle designed jacket

I’m not 100% sure, but just look at it- the colors, the look.
I really love the mixture of materials, It’s funny because I actually designed
some jackets/coats very similar to that this year.

What Do You Think of his New Zealand Looks?

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