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Wardrobe Check: Kanye West Rocks it in New Zealand

Kanye West performs on stage at the TSB Bank Arena yesterday in Wellington, New Zealand.
So let’s analyze the look…

okay so he’s rockin’:
-wayfarer shades
-buttoned-up polo
-white watch to match the shades and collar
-Jordans (you’ll see below)
and, wait- is kanye trying to get swole on us…
has he been hitting the gym? nice.

Here’s Kanye two days ago in Auckland’s Vector Arena:

The Look:
This time Mr. Louis Vuitton Don opts for
-a red button up shirt
-Gucci belt,
-the same white shades
– and supposedly a self designed jacket.

Press conference in Auckland:
awww, he looks happy for once.

The Look:
-same white shades
-and this looks to be a Pastelle designed jacket

I’m not 100% sure, but just look at it- the colors, the look.
I really love the mixture of materials, It’s funny because I actually designed
some jackets/coats very similar to that this year.

What Do You Think of his New Zealand Looks?

How Romantic: Velvet Bow-ties.

From John Legend to Scott Whitman to Jay-Z. It seems like velvet or velour bow-ties are the way to go. There’s only so much you can do with a tux, so it’s nice when gentleman find ways to make their tuxedo special. If you have any black tie events coming up, you should try wearing a velvet bow-tie.

John Legend at the unveiling of Tyler Perry’s
new multimillion-dollar TV and film studio.
(Atlanta, October 2008)

Sarah Jessica Parker, Scott Whitman, and Valentino Garavani.
Scott is in the velour bow-tie.
(New York City Ballet Opening Night- November 08)

Rihanna and Jay-Z
2008 Spirit of Life Awards Dinner

where to buy: Thomas Pink in London, Alexander Olch in New York, or
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