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Back to the Basics: CUT YOUR NAILS

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I am always shocked and amazed when I meet a guy with long nails. I ask myself, “Does he think that’s sexy?” Because it’s NOT- it’s soooooo NOT sexy, not even a little. Then I’m even more shocked and appalled when I run into associates with long nails I’m like ,”Don’t you read the Urban Gentleman… dude, you need to subscribe.” Lol, but seriously meeting a man with unkempt nails is one of the most unattractive things ever! It automatically gives the impression that you weren’t taught well and that you may be a dirty/messy person.

Gentleman, for the record, there are two things that even the most basic man must do outside of showering, washing his face, and brushing his teeth… he must:

1.) maintain his haircut /hairstyle
2.) cut his nails.

There is never an excuse to walk around with long nails- you can buy a pair of nail clippers anywhere for about 2 or 3 bucks. But each of you should own a manicure set of some type. If you don’t have time to cut your own nails, just go to a nail shop and get a basic manicure for about $15-$20. (go on a Tuesday or Wednesday night if you feel self-conscious about being there b/c those are usually the slowest days).

I asked a variety of women from different backgrounds how they felt about long nails and they pretty much all responded, “ewwwwwwww”. One woman even went on to tell a story about her boyfriend having long nails and how every night she’s tempted to cut them while he sleeps. I personally think that she obviously doesn’t have that close of a relationship with him if she can’t just ask him to cut his nails, but who knows…. Anyway guys, I cruised the web and found 3 different quality maniucre sets in 3 different price ranges- check them out on the left or click here.

Please please Urban Gentleman, I implore you to cut your nails!

Rockin’ Recession, Tom Ford Blues

I just got word of Rock & Republic’s new recession jeans... and I would have to say guys- now is the time to buy. There jeans usually retail at about $300, but the new recession jeans will be a staggering $130— hey that’s cheap for them. And that’s without the store sale, so I figure you’ll be able to buy these for $80-$100 at some point. They come in 2 styles: straight leg (Neil) and skinny (Colburg). The jeans will be available March 1st at Looks like some of you will be upgrading the wardrobe .

Neil jean, $132 and Colburg jean, $138

But on the opposite end of the spectrum WWD reports Tom Ford is saying, “Fck the Recession” (he didn’t literally say that, lol) and has created a pair of $990 jeans... yeah you read that correct. Nine hundred and ninety dollars…

Check out the excerpt (from

Tom Ford is taking designer denim to a whole new stratosphere with men’s jeans that retail for $990. The jeans, hitting stores now, are made from Japanese selvaged denim that feels and looks raw, but has been pre-washed and pre-shrunken so the indigo doesn’t rub off. They also come in black or white. The seat is distinguished merely by a straight line, stitched across the pockets, and a small black tab reading TF001 or TF002. The first number designates the boot cut that Ford wears himself, and the second is a straight-leg cut. In the front, the button is plated with 18-karat gold, and the pockets are lined with the same silk as Tom Ford suits. But is the price justified for classic, unembellished jeans? If you have to ask, you can’t afford them.

I can just hear him now, “Fck the recession” “hahahaha”.
I don’t know why, but…. I’m sort of lovin it, lol.

Suspend Me

For the days that you don’t want to wear a belt…. black & white suspenders. $14.99 urban gent store.

Presidential Branded: Hart Schaffner Marx

These days its all about America, American Made Products, and American Made Brands… for us Americans anyway. And President Barack Obama chose “made in the usa” for his inauguration suit, tuxedo, and topcoat by wearing Hart Schaffner Marx– he also wore the brand several times on his campaign trail. One of my friend’s forwarded me an article from Chicago Tribune about the company filing for bankruptcy. Quite unfortunate huh… But don’t worry I’m sure someone will buy the company. (let’s hope anyway)
They have some pretty good online sale items, check out a few:

Tan Camel Hair Sportcoat:
Price: $595.00
Sale Price $357.00

Black Stripe Suit:
Price $1,595.00
On Sale $957.00

Cashmere Topcoat
Price: $540.00
Sale Price $270.00

For more Hickey Freeman/Hart Schaffner Marx classic american clothing:

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