Back to the Basics: CUT YOUR NAILS

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I am always shocked and amazed when I meet a guy with long nails. I ask myself, “Does he think that’s sexy?” Because it’s NOT- it’s soooooo NOT sexy, not even a little. Then I’m even more shocked and appalled when I run into associates with long nails I’m like ,”Don’t you read the Urban Gentleman… dude, you need to subscribe.” Lol, but seriously meeting a man with unkempt nails is one of the most unattractive things ever! It automatically gives the impression that you weren’t taught well and that you may be a dirty/messy person.

Gentleman, for the record, there are two things that even the most basic man must do outside of showering, washing his face, and brushing his teeth… he must:

1.) maintain his haircut /hairstyle
2.) cut his nails.

There is never an excuse to walk around with long nails- you can buy a pair of nail clippers anywhere for about 2 or 3 bucks. But each of you should own a manicure set of some type. If you don’t have time to cut your own nails, just go to a nail shop and get a basic manicure for about $15-$20. (go on a Tuesday or Wednesday night if you feel self-conscious about being there b/c those are usually the slowest days).

I asked a variety of women from different backgrounds how they felt about long nails and they pretty much all responded, “ewwwwwwww”. One woman even went on to tell a story about her boyfriend having long nails and how every night she’s tempted to cut them while he sleeps. I personally think that she obviously doesn’t have that close of a relationship with him if she can’t just ask him to cut his nails, but who knows…. Anyway guys, I cruised the web and found 3 different quality maniucre sets in 3 different price ranges- check them out on the left or click here.

Please please Urban Gentleman, I implore you to cut your nails!

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  1. as a man, i never understood why other guys didn’t cut their nails. its too simple and basic.

  2. supposedly some guys keep them long for smoking and others to play the guitar.

  3. wtf- to smoke? play the guitar? WACK– WACK ASS excuses.

  4. Being an ex long nail haver. I didnt realize how bad it looked until i looked at another mans nails the same length as mine. I thought it looked just wrong. Then i looked at mine.

    Some guys really dont think there nails are that long.

  5. Nice page, good advices!
    Check out mine about Balkan music!

  6. As a girl (who reads this blog to give her boyfriend tips), THANK YOU! Long and/or dirty nails are the BIGGEST TURN OFF EVER, and any guy who has them will not get the time of the day if he’s trying to get at me.

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