Courtside Cool: Taye Diggs

I saw this picture of Taye Diggs Courtside at a Knicks Game and thought it was cool- when guys dress like this it just shows alot of personality, dontcha think? Fedora, cuffed jeans, layered shirt, probably Oliver Peoples glasses… it actually looks like something Johnny Depp would wear. See guys, now I might not personally LOVE what Taye is wearing, but I feel like its cool- its not about following every trend it’s about developing your own personal style that fits you and your personality ya digg? (get it, taye diggs, ya digg… ok, i’ll stop)
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  1. I think you were thinkin of me when you were writing this one. The fedora once again is the most under rated accessory in a man’s wardrobe. It just makes the outfit cool.

    I think you should do a piece on the fedora. Cuz not every guy can wear it. But if u got the “cool” to rock it then you just look that much coolier.

  2. antonio, i did a fedora article babe-

    (if the link doesnt pop up, then just put fedora in the google search on top)

    but, i’ll look into doing another one:-) but i do agree it gives your look a little something extra, tho all guys cant wear them.

  3. Thank you. See that’s why I like you.

    Sorry for being kind of late. I just started reading your blog in November. Guess I should go back and some of those old post :-).

    Whoever, your BF is must be one fly dude to keep up with you.

    Keep up the good work.

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