Dirty Sneakers: Golden Goose

Known for their authentic looking distressed boots, Golden Goose has quite the collection of worn-in sneakers. No need to scuff them up, kick around in the dirt, and wear them out to give em’ that personalized look… they already come that way.

low-top $460, high-top $480 via aloharag.com

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  1. I actually don’t know how I feel about paying $460 for some dirty ass sneakers… if I was rolling in cash then yes, I would probably buy them because they’re on your blog, lol. But as of right now- I’ll pass I’d rather buy a 2 pairs of common projects.

  2. No thx. That’s not fresh, fashionable, or gentlemanly!!

  3. Ok. Call me crazy, but I actually like them. I would buy the black and white pair in a heartbeat.

    To each there own on these, the black russian calls them “dank”, but I think they’re quite “swank”.

  4. robotsandskateboards

    I do agree that sneakers that are worn in and beat up look good. It adds character and shit but really 460 dollars. NO. Especially because your taking away the “character” aspect by buying them that way. PASS

  5. I will pass on these….If there is one thing I love is a fresh/new look pair of sneakers.

    The price is just ridiculous

  6. robotsandskateboards

    Thax for the comment, and I just put something up i think ull like

  7. why would you spend 480$ for a pair of these when you can get a pair of chucks for 30$, wear them for a week and get the same look

  8. 2 thumbs down I don’t know it became cool to look like a bum. How can u be a gentleman going around with dirty shoes Dirty will never in.

  9. Errrr … So I’m paying a huge premium to buy dirty sneakers that after a few wears will get dirty anyway??? No thanks. I’ll buy 9 pairs of Chuck Taylors and dirty them myself.
    Although some of those sneakers do look cool, that price makes them not worth it.

  10. I know everyone has their own swag, but I just can’t buy dirty shoes.

    A rustic look maybe. Like a worn in leather or suede. But those are a little to much for me.

    But keep up the good work.

    Its an interesting take on shoes.

  11. Jacinda, I LOVE these shoes… I’m definitely buying a pair. I’m a sneaker feen and I like to buy unique shit… these are unique as hell. I like the dirty/worn-in/scuffed up look.

    Of course some of you wouldn’t pay $460… you shouldn’t if you don’t have the money too, but I actually do, plus I feel like they’re art in some ways.

  12. The Urban Gentleman Blog

    originally written January 15, 2009:

    yall are funny… yall have me over here rollin, lol…

    but yeah sid, im with you on the buying 9 pairs of chucks… im mad you gave a finite number tho, lol, i LOVE it.

    but hey, there's a market for everything, even dirty shoes.


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