Let’s Start the Year Off Right: Trend Anaylsis 08-09

Hey Gentlemen,

Okay, so I think I’m focused, refreshed, and ready to make The Urban Gentleman undoubtedly the coolest blog around, lol. First things first, let’s start the year by going over a few trends- past, future, and present.

Okay so 2008 was all about:
1. scarves
2. skinny jeans
3. skinny ties

I would say that those were the main 3 wardrobe items that most men caught on to- stylish or not. Skinny jeans were a love/hate thing, scarves were worn by all- even those you didn’t know how to wear them, and skinny ties finally made a big hit on the red carpet.

I think it’s safe to continue to purchase those items for the most part, but I would minimize the purchase of “arab scarves” if you live in a stylishly advanced city. And as far as skinny jeans go well I know some of you would love for me to predict that they’re out, but that just simply isn’t true. There are way too many celebrities that sort of just caught on to the whole skinny jeans thing and they’re just now feeling comfortable with even wearing them, so you should see more of those in 2009. I personally don’t think all guys should rock skinny jeans, you should wear what makes you comfortable and what fits well (without a belt)… but skinny jeans do look great on some guys.

There were a few “trends” in 2008 that I feel are no longer trends: The “nerd” and “50’s worker” look have really transcended “trend status”– there are pieces in both looks that are actually very very classic and should be in the wardrobe of any well-dressed gentleman… so you should continue with this “look” if you already rock it.

– thick glasses
– oxfords
– boat shoes
– cardigans

those are a few of the items that aren’t “trends”, they are classic staples. Meaning you can always wear them from now til your 75, no matter how much the trends change.

Okay and as for 2009, this is what you should focus on…

2009 Trends:

From velvet ties to velvet blazers to velvet slippers. This is a trend that made a few appearances in 2008, but will surely make even more in 2009. Now NOT everyone should rock this look, its for guys that are really confident with their style and are just a little bit arrogant- just a little. Don’t ask me why, but it just looks better on them…. its hard to explain, so I won’t even try. But I think all guys should wear a velvet bow-tie to atleast one event this year.

Varsity jackets go in and out all the time, but they’re technically always sort of “in” to extents because all high school athletes have one- atleast you should… I’m gonna dig out my old varsity jacket at some point this month. But guys like Chris Brown and Kanye West rocked these hard at the end of 2008 and I’ve seen a few others already rocking them in 09, so if you have one I think it would be cool to wear it until it gets warm. And once it gets warm start searching for Varsity cardigans, alot of designers will have them for Spring: Ralph Lauren, Benjamin Bixby, and Lacoste just to name a few.


This trend is only for the bold and undeniably stylish. It’s all about wearing one color no matter the shade. This isn’t the 80s so you can have different color shoes and accessories if you wish, but your actual clothing should be one color. This is a trend that a friend and I “started” last fall and we receieved so many compliments on it. I saw a few magazine ads in December with guys and gals dressed in one tone, then Kanye (below)… so I feel like its really cool and should be tried at some point within the next few months. I don’t think its a everyday look, but it’s great for the days that you want to just switch it up.

Stay tuned for more “Trend Reports”….

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  1. hmmm monochramatic- i like that alot actually.

  2. I was wanderin, what your thoughtz on Terry Kennedy and the Skateboard/urban style A.K.A. Skurban was, Iz it “in” ??

    Oh, and I think the LA Angels “A” looks better than tha ATL Braves “A” lol.

    Oh yeah… And what about Supraz??

  3. yea skinnies are here to stay.. hopefully Arab scarfs arent..lol

  4. ooo, great next piece Will… Terry Kennedy… I do like his style, but i think his grill throws everything off…

    supras are super cool.

    lol at the LA Angels A… ur funny.


  5. I don’t know what I would do without my skinny jeans…. Thank God they are still in.

    I usually always wear dark denim skinnies, but I came across some light denim skinnies and these mustard yellow gold skinnies, How do you feel about those, are they in?

    I am so loving the varsity cardigans, I see a trip to Barney’s is a MUST for that this weekend.

  6. honestly, i pretty much only wear skinny jeans. im not a skinny guy by any means, a little chubby i guess, but athletic so my bodys not awful lol. either way, i used to be all about baggy. the thing i like about skinnys is you can wear anything with them and it looks good. any look i feel they just work best. i can wear skinnys and rock a prep look, i can wear skinnys with an ed hardy shirt and pull off a rocker type thing or i can pull out my nikes and rock urban prep. i love them and i hope they never go out. sorry for the long post lol.

  7. Monochromatic BYE! Varsity HI!

  8. Black_Evolutionary

    Funny that you mention velvet. There is this velvet blazer that I saw that I really like and was planning on picking up. Stop reading my mind and stealing all my good ideas! First Benjamin Bixby, then the Goorin Fedora, now velvet in 2009. I’m officially asking you to stay out of my head.

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