The Man in Skinny Jeans: A Collective View

The conversation of men and skinny jeans is never-ending. I get emails from those who hate it and love it, but I feel like every single style in the world (for the most part) can look good if worn right, that includes skinny jeans. I think it’s still a shock for alot of people because it was a drastic change from baggy jail-house type jeans to fitted almost-rocker tight kind of jeans. The truth of the matter is that if I had to pick between the two, I would pick skinny allllll daaaaaaay looooooong. Grossly over sized pants hanging off your rear is so ridiculously unattractive, and I hope no one still wears their pants 4 sizes too big unless you are forced to wear “hand-me-downs.”
Since the beginning, I’ve been covering this topic and the mixed reactions by males and females never cease… 1st article “Can Men Wear Skinny Jeans“, “Jay-Z on Skinny Jeans“, “Let’s Start the Year off Right“, etc. My opinions on the pants has changed slightly over time, but my overall feeling of the jeans will always remain the same- whether or not you can/should wear them depends on your size, personality, age, etc.

So here’s a small collection of photos of men in “skinny” jeans
*(most are actually just wearing jeans that fit, but alot of guys still call them skinny)

from the 1950s to 2009
from rock to rap
lace-ups to sneakers

w Do You Wear Your Skinny Jeans?

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  1. like Michael jackson- thriiiilller. lol.

  2. I own one pair of skinny jeans, and I only wear them with my Supras or Gourmets. Can’t have it any other way…

  3. i own about 5 pair of skinny jeans and i wear them with converse or vans only

  4. most of the guys you posted here don’t even wear skinny jeans 😀

    personally, i got a lot of them and i love them all. but if you really want to wear them in a good way, just look how pharell does that or how any indie rockers do that and combine the looks with your own style.

    a good example are the cool kids i think…

  5. I agree with Simon. a lot of those aren’t even skinny jeans. They just aren’t baggy.
    Most of my jeans are skinny and I wear them with just about anything.

  6. robotsandskateboards

    Well I have to wear skinny jeans. I am a skinny guy lol. Baggy jeans just don’t look right, Most of mine fit like Pharrell’s in the pic he is wit Nigo. I don’t like anything tighter than that.

    I do hate the pants below the ass thing, Just doesn’t seem right for me

  7. i own probably 4 pairs of skinny jeans and i rock dem wit nike blazers or dunks…skinny jeans are only appropriate when u wear high top shoes

  8. dudes-what r yall sayin?, laceups all day. i wear mine with dress shoes, but i’ve been rocking skinny jeans since about 07- sooner than most.

  9. BOOTS, i wear mine with boots. you guys are insane, boots are the best way, work boots in particular

  10. I agree, this jeans are mostly form-fitting, not skinny. I have seen jeans waaaay tighter than this around my school campus.

    Side bar: The guy in the yellow tee and red jeans is flyyyy.

  11. naaa, these are HELLA skinny to me. chris browns are ok. lol at michael jackson.

  12. Skinny jeans for men look fantastic! But it’s a never ending discussion. But sometimes I think some people say they don’t like it because they are afraid to wear them thereself. But it’s absolutly hot. Also still in 2009. Unfortuantly most brands don’t have much of them in their new collection anymore.

  13. i wear mine like tht guy in the poofy jacket, you cant swag all the way out unless u sag them, and i do agree, most of those jeans arent skinnies but they fresh, well some…. not much of a fan of the multi-colored ones

  14. when i think of skinny jeans i think of a super tapered leg which in that case i dont own any. however my jeans are pretty fitted to create a smooth clean look. personally i'm not a fan of the sagged skinny jean that creates a frumpy wrinkled look. I go fo more of the classic 50s 60s look. it just seems odd to decry baggy jeans as so unfashionable then sag the skinny jeans to the ground.

  15. It's a good thing because i live in Paris, France men are used to wear skinny jeans even me and people are not shocked, a lot of designers make skinny jeans in Europe hope it will be popular in the U.S.

  16. f*ck skinny jeans,like on jerkers.
    you guys copied it from skaters and that;s one reason I don’t wear em’ anymore…

  17. i totally agree with you mr. everybody copied the skinny jeans look off skaters but i still wear mine i just dont sag them

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