One Photo, What Do You Think: Kanye and His Entourage

As some of you may know all the Men’s Fall/Winter 2009 Fashion Shows have been in progress over the past week ( … I’ve been pretty busy writing about all those shows over the weekend- yes all of them… but I will probably only share a few of my reviews, hmmmm, we’ll see.) Anyway check out this picture of Kanye and his crew outside of the Comme Des Garcons Show and they’re quite colorful. I recognize Fonzworth Bentley and Taz, let me know if you recognize any of the other guys. (Milan and Paris Fashion Week)

So, what do you think?
(click to enlarge)


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  1. can i be apart of that crew?

  2. I am not down with men in any kind of tights. But I take special exception to leopard-print tights. W…T…F?

  3. the suitcases!!!! give me one now!

  4. Tryin too damn hard…

  5. trying to hard? maybe.
    brought it hard? YES.

    this is fashion

  6. My eyes hurt… from this picture.

    My heart hurts… for fashion if this circus is what we represent.

  7. other than the leopard print tights n the fact that i cant really see the dude between him n Kanye??? i dig it…

  8. The leopard print goodwill grandma titty tights gotta go. I’m sorry Kanye that Miss Jay wannabe gotta go !!!!

  9. nooooooooo. go home.

  10. This is a Joke i really Hope Kanye dont think this is nice cause in europe we dont consider this “fresh”
    Jeans are for mechanics they not part of dressing thats what i was always told growing UP!!!
    u must do it the right way not by just adding up shit on top of shit Farnworth Bentley is the best dress the rest is Trash
    Holllllllllla !

  11. wow, such haters– SUCH HATERS. (above). Only mechanics wear jeans???? wtf- uhhhh NO everyone wears jeans and if you don’t know how to dress them up then you have no style. layering is always the way to go- I don’t know where you’re from but sir I was born and raised in London, I’ve lived in Paris, and currently reside in Manhattan and we all love layering. Fonzworth Bentley looks nice though, but I feel overall they all have style and are “bringing it” in their own way… would I wear leopard tights NO, but everyone knows that’s Taz’s personality dude has style no lie, he’s at fashion week but where are you?

    anyway, damn- haters on deck this time.

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