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Kanye in Paris: Swagger on a Hundred Thousand Trillon

I must say Ye’…. you’re a hoot. (laughter).


Did he just say, Martin LOUIS the King Jr.??? I think he did.

Another Photo of “Kanye & Crew”
(I like this angle better)

Yes Ye’, you’re the “numba one stunta” and we applaud.
(applauds in the background)
But really guys, how fly is this guy…. yeah, he could be a bit more humble, maybe a bit more nice, but we can’t deny his flyness.

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Kanye? 50 cents?// Kanye West Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Lol, this video will make you laugh.

He forgot to remove his bag from the runway at the Louis Vuitton show, so the photographers are making remarks about this. This video is shot from the photographers pit.

Here’s some pictures of Kanye at the Louis Vuitton Show:

And finally, here’s a closeup of the Kanye for LV shoes:

PARIS — Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton men’s studio director Paul Helbers have some design competition this season. Kanye West, who was sitting front row at the Vuitton show, has designed a line of five LV sneakers. Only one design, above,
was featured in the show — a monochromatic midtop with no frills, save for a quilted flap in the back, all the easier to tuck pants into. “The inspiration came from a jacket with a huge collar in the movie ‘Dune,’ ” West says. “Most sneakers focus on the tongue, so I wanted to do something different.” West knows whereof he speaks: he says he has no idea how many shoes he owns, but he does know that he routinely needs to send shipments off to storage. The LV-meets-Kanye kicks will be available at Louis Vuitton stores in June.


One Photo, What Do You Think: Kanye and His Entourage

As some of you may know all the Men’s Fall/Winter 2009 Fashion Shows have been in progress over the past week ( … I’ve been pretty busy writing about all those shows over the weekend- yes all of them… but I will probably only share a few of my reviews, hmmmm, we’ll see.) Anyway check out this picture of Kanye and his crew outside of the Comme Des Garcons Show and they’re quite colorful. I recognize Fonzworth Bentley and Taz, let me know if you recognize any of the other guys. (Milan and Paris Fashion Week)

So, what do you think?
(click to enlarge)


A Few SAG Award Photos

15th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) in Los Angeles January 25, 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
I like how Brad matches with Angie in a subtle way.

Julius Tennon and Viola Davis.
A few guys have been asking me about advice for prom and this is a good example of how to match. The girl is wearing a radiant color like yellow and you can match by choosing a neutral complimenting tie color in the same material- in this case silver.

30 Rock Cast

The cast of “Slumdog Millionaire” with director Danny Boyle.
They just keep winning all the awards.

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