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Proud to be American: Congratulations Barack Obama and our First Family Michelle, Malia, and Sasha.

I’m soooooo unbelievably happy about today- Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America- and the first African-American President! But I must say, my favorite thing about Barack is Michelle… I love Michelle Obama. Anyway, you all should celebrate all today whereever you are- Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia…

Gillette:The Complete Package

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Not everybody has loads of money to spend on basic grooming products. And for the guys who want good products at a low price- Gillette just may be for you. Traditionally known for their razors and shaving creams, Gillette has now created a whole line of grooming products for the everyday man. Their new series offers everything from body wash to deep conditioners to hair spray. Check it out…

They sent over a box of new products and other things to try.
There’s alot of products in the series, so everything hasn’t been tested by my guy friends, but the products that they have used (deodorant, body wash, fusion power shaver, etc) all get two thumbs up.

(click to see larger image)

shampoos and conditioners.

body washes and body srcubs

shaving products

and their newest addition of hair styling products
will hit stores in February.

24, 7-fold: Fox’s 24 Wears Robert Talbott 7-fold Ties

So, this morning I decided to head over to and catch up on 24. I had seen 24 Redemption, but none of the episodes that followed. So I’m watching the show… its soooooooooooo freakin’ good by the way, I mean Jack Bauer is the truth he really is… Anyway, so I’m watching the show and by episode 2 the tie of FBI Agent Larry Moss caught my eye. At first I thought to myself “That’s an impeccable tie” then I’m like, “Wait… he’s wearing a 7-fold tie”. As I continue to watch and I began to notice that every tie that is worn- by the agents, prime minster, doctors, lawyers, good guys, bad guys, etc, is a Robert Talbott ties. Some of the guys are wearing Talbott 7-fold ties that are $225.00 each, while others are wearing Robert Talbott “Best of Class” ties that are about $135.00

Robert Talbott 7-fold ties are hand cut, handsewn, luxurious silk ties. Each tie is a limited edition tie and is hand signed. For example, they may make only 40 of a certain pattern and color tie, so each one is numbered 1/40, 2/40.. 15/40 and so on… basically when you have a Robert Talbott 7-fold tie you don’t have to worry about seeing someone else with it EVER, some may even say that they’re sort of like rare pieces of art. I became an expert on these ties and other fine men’s products while at Nordstrom. I had one client who collected Talbott 7-fold ties, he would purchase 6 or so at a time and regularly called me to see if we had gotten any new designs in that I thought would fit his style.

The name ‘seven fold’ comes from the way a single piece of fabric is exactingly folded in on itself seven times creating a tie that drapes fluidly, hangs straight and is very durable. The tie is a definite standout.
A few screen shots of the 24 Cast in Robert Talbott Ties:

The Other King: Lebron James GQ Magazine

LeBron is always one of the first men that come to mind when I’m asked to name the “top ten best dressed athletes”… (Although, like one Urban Gent commented earlier this month, I think Chris Paul is headed for the number one spot… ). He humbly graces the cover of the newest GQ Magazine, and I must say good sir- you look dashing.

T-shirt by Rick Owens. Jeans by A.P.C.

Made-to-measure suit, $2,795, shirt, $325, and tie, $135, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Pocket square, $55, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie bar, $75, by Tiffany & Co.


Happy Birthday: Martin Luther King Jr.

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I just want to take out the time to say Happy B-day to the late Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks for making this world a better place.

This is one of my favorite MLK quotes:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “

Dirty Sneakers: Golden Goose

Known for their authentic looking distressed boots, Golden Goose has quite the collection of worn-in sneakers. No need to scuff them up, kick around in the dirt, and wear them out to give em’ that personalized look… they already come that way.

low-top $460, high-top $480 via

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