Sagging Crotches: MC Hammer / Harem Pants

If you’re observant or if you’re a frequent visitor to sites like you’ve probably noticed a trend that started a few seasons ago (in 2007) and just isn’t going away…

This trend can be seen on women and men throughout Europe- London, Paris, etc etc, but most Americans haven’t quite caught on yet. I think its because we so vividly see MC Hammer and think “Too Legit to Quit” in our heads… but Dior Homme, Phillip Lim, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and many other designers have chosen to re-introduce these baggy saggy crotch heavy pants… Me personally? I think I’ll stay away from these suckers for awhile, but who knows maybe I’ll come around by June.

For Your Amusement, Here’s MC Hammers
“You Can’t Touch This Video”:

So Anyway, What Do You All Think of Harem Pants?

photos from: GlamCanyon, Wunderbloc, Style

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  1. i dont like them.period.

  2. i actually dig the grey sweats… the rest are whack… they look better on chicks than dudes.

  3. I agree wit RobBi….the greys sweats are what’s up and the shorts. Everything else looks a fool. I do like them on women though, Tracee Ellis Ross always rocks them and they look good on her.

  4. i actually wore hammer pants… and i dont ever plan to wear them again.
    though i think i may have some in one of my closets.

  5. I like the sweats but I suspect it may be because the way the whole look is pulled together. I really like the sweater. Other than that I do not like ’em.

  6. I'm on the fence. But there were a pair of a sweatpant style pair by "Company of We" that were pretty cool.

  7. love them…wnna get for my guy..where can i get them in london or online???

  8. we designed a functional drop crotch trousers : )

  9. i realy think these are the way forward, they need to go brighter though, get some patterns on there. seen some hippy chick wearin some she looked swish

  10. I dont know..Ive seen more celebrities and musicians rockin these as the days go by. Wil.I.Am and pretty much the entire Blackeyed Peas crew have been wearing them a lot….so maybe i should think about it…

  11. Wow, these pants are so crazy to me for men. Never seen this before, is the baggy crotch thing catching on???

  12. This is a big look in London for women at the mo, waiting for it to take off with the guys, first saw this years ago in Barcelona good summer look.

  13. "Anonymous 12.7.09" asked where to get these in London. The shop called "Fez" at 71 Golborne Road has sold me men's baggy Moroccan trousers of this kind. Nearest tube is Westbourne Park. I've bought several pairs, and they are very smart, also very comfortable, with nice creases and many pleats which mean they don't wrinkle easily. Google 'Omar Serroukh Golborne Life' for a local newspaper article about the shop.

  14. I love harems! Wear them as often as possible. I have blue, turquoise, black, several grey, and leopard print. They are comfy and can be dressed up or down. I've been wearing harems for about 2 years and everyone in NY is embracing the trend ow. Don't knock'em till you try them!

  15. Hello, intresting topic I have just subscribed to your feed

  16. I actually think they are great. I think people don’t like them yet because they aren’t “it” yet. They are comfortable and if you know how to pull it off then hey go for it.


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