Suspend Me

For the days that you don’t want to wear a belt…. black & white suspenders. $14.99 urban gent store.

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  1. i love suspenders they really go with that classic urban gentleman look.

  2. Suspenders is probably one of the most difficult looks to pull off well.


  4. i try to incoporate suspenders in my wardrobe when possible, but I’m not always able to do it.

  5. i wish i could wear them, i feel like they’re the ultimate gentleman item. im built like a linebacker, so they dont look good on me- but i applaud guys that can pull them off.

  6. This is a great post! Great fashion! Great price!

  7. Finally, suspenders are back. Now I don't have to feel like a total dork. I wear them for function. I'm police detective w/5lbs of guns & gear, which tends to pull your pants down.

  8. Braces (suspenders for our US frienda) are so much more comfortable and efficient at keeping your pants up that I just wish more guys would get over the supposed taboo of showing them in public. If more guys did, then they would not be regarded so badly. I used to be embarrassed to be seen wearing mine, but do receive great comments from the gals, so whar the heck. Perhaps Matt Smith (as Dr Who) and Sir Paul McCartneys's penchant for wearing (and showing) them will change the perception. I do hope so.

  9. Being small hipped, I really need braces to keep my pants up, and always wear them around the house but not in public. However, when my GF dropped round unexpectedly and caught me in my braces she did not even make any comment, so perhaps we red-blooded males are too self-conscious about hte old taboo about braces not being seen. I certainly feel more comfortable about being seen in my braces now.

  10. Andrew from FabulousSavings

    Suspenders are such a good look, but so few guys are able to carry them off. In my opinion they look best on a man with a longer torso. I'm so glad they're in style!

  11. Following delicate surgery after a car crash, I was told by my surgeon that under no circumcstances should I wear anything tight round my waist for 18 months or so. I naively asked him how I could keep my jeans up (I am only 19), and he politely suggested that braces would be the solution. I was so embarrassed at the thought that I got my Mother to buy a pair for me (which of course she willingly did), and have secretly worn them since. However, it has been impossible to keep them hidden on all occasions, much to my concern, but nobody has made any comment or indeed batted an eyelid on catching me wearing them. Despite this, I shall still be grateful when I can ditch them, although I must admit they are really comfortable.

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