Ode to the Fedora: A Collective View of the Man and his Fedora

Check out this collection of celebrities wearing fedoras…. some look quite stylish, while are others are lacking….

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Jude Law

Hugh Jackman

Josh Hartnett

Justin Timberlake

Colin Farrell

Pete Doherty

Ian Ziering

Jeremy Piven

Thomas Jane

Kevin Federline

Ashley Parker Angel

Taye Diggs

Matt Lauer

Reverend Run

Benji Madden


Randy Jackson

Mario Vasquez

(Photos compliments of DETAILS Magazine pick up the March issue) They forgot a picture of Ne-Yo though, he probably has the largest fedora collection known to man. lol.


Overall, I feel like the guys who try, yanno like they’re trying and planning to wear a fedora, yeah well those guys end up looking like douchebags… But the men who moreso wear them out of necessity and without trying end up with the coolest look. It’s all about looking naturally cool when you’re sporting a fedora- it shouldn’t be contrived. When you specifically plan to wear a fedora you’ll most likely end up looking sort of corny…. kinda like Ne-Yo. As much as I love his ridiculous ability to write hit songs for female superstars like Beyonce and for himself- I am just so over his tilted fedoras. Fedoras should be worn straight on the head, the proper way, unless you’re in the mafia, a gangster of sorts, or attending Easter Sunday services at a southern church.

You should notably wear them like:
Jude Law- with character and personality, or like…
Hugh Jackman– in a distinguished handsome way, or like…
Pete Doherty– with easy swag… swag isn’t the right word, persay, but I can’t think of any other word at the moment…

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  1. Oh I love you. I wear a fedora on the regular. And i feel the same way. Wear it straight. It’s a gentleman’s hat. I also believe you can’t wear one with every outfit.

    I work in a professional setting. And I usually wear one to work with a wool pea trench coat.

  2. I second that antonio. HATE when I see other guys wearing their fedora tilted– it’s lame.

    Be a man and straighten it up

  3. I think neyo does it cause he’s got that big bald dome of his under it.

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog. It’s great. I’m really loving it. This was a wonderful post. It is interesting to see how many celebs of today are wearing fedoras. I definitely plan to continue to check out your blog. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

  5. I’m really thinking about buying one, but i live in england and they don’t seem to be common place. the other thing is brand important or are they all nuch the same?

  6. At first I was going to be like wow the Urban Gent is slippin, I seen this in my Details (Cool or tool?). But then you hit me with the disclaimer at the end saying they sent you those pics? ILL.

    And of course I had to read your opinion on it. Long time reader, long time fan. To me though the fedora has become somewhat of a statement hat. Something that just says look at me I am cool. Instead of what it used to be, something inherently cool.

  7. fedoras can look real good, but not everyone can pull of the look it takes a certain personality

  8. The Urban Gentleman Blog

    originally posted march 3 2009:

    Kevin- ur right, i think thats why he wears them too. actually thats exactly why he wears them– and i can understand that, i just wish he wouldnt tilt them.

    Keith- thanks! And please continue to come back and tell ALL your friends:-)

    A Bloggin'Ape- yeah, sometimes different magazines will send me articles and things, to be honest I usually don't post what they send, but this was a really good article that I figured would be beneficial for urban gentleman to see (well good photos to see anyway). But of all the magazines- DETAILS usually sends me the most interesting stuff, as a whole. (Oh and I would never just post an entire article from a magazine and claim it as my own- its been done to me, so i wouldnt do it to anyone else):-)

    And your right alot of guys do use the fedora as a "statement hat"- and those are the guys that end up looking like tools… or douchebags, lol… I still feel like certain guys can pull it off though and look great.

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