Urban Gentleman: Q&A

I’m going to start sharing the questions I’ve received from Urban Gents around the world, I get so many repeat questions that I figured why not.

Today’s Q&A is for athletic guys who have a problem finding jeans to fit


I have a unique problem and have searched a lot of websites and blogs for a good answer. Hopefully you can help. I am 5’6 and happen to do powerlifting. The end result I have a large chest and back as well as a very large lower torso primarily quads and butt more than anything but the my limbs are short. I have been trying to change my style a bit and lose the “Timberland and jean” look or at least make it more streamlined. I am having issues with finding jeans with a nice length. I can’t really do slim cuts because my quads are so big . What do you advise is good inseam for my jeans or just a good spot to clothing that fits?


You do have a unique problem- but my ex boyfriend also did alot of powerlifting and was a college linebacker and he has large back, chest, etc etc and faced some difficulties with clothing (the only difference is that he’s about 6’2). What we had to do was go into the store and just try on a bunch of different cuts and fits- it’s time consuming, but helpful…. just get a salesperson to help you. I would try Express first- they have proven to be one of the best stores for uniquely shaped guys in my experience (specifically athletic guys). (Oh and at Express they’re usually on a hourly wage, so you shouldn’t feel or be pressured- b/c they don’t get paid for your sale). I would go on a none busy day, like a Tuesday or Wednesday and if possible go at a none busy time like 2pm and you should be able to get a ton of help- b/c they’re usually bored and really want to just do something, lol…

As far as cuts, I would try a relaxed fit jean.. they’re streamlined, but not too slim and not baggy. Because your quads/butt are bigger then you may have to buy a size that fits that area well then get the length and waist tailored. There is no mainstream jean that is made to perfectly fit guys like you- even though there is an obvious need for it. Basically you’ll have to do alot of trial and error in the dressing room. If you would prefer to buy the jeans and get them tailored under one roof then visit Nordstrom- they have some of the best tailors and they’ll continue to “fix” the jeans until they fit how you want them to. But keep in mind that jeans at Nordstrom usually start at around $109 and go up (sometimes way up)… but it’s worth it to have atleast one pair of quality perfectly fitting jeans. If there is no Nordstrom in your area then just visit any of your local high end major retail stores.

You can also just go to your favorite stores and do the “trial and error jean fitting” in the dressing room.

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  1. I am sure tons of guys with problems like mine will be happy.

  2. great advice… this is my first time here, love the site keep more q&a coming.

  3. I would recommend The Gap Standard Fit Jeans. They sit below the waist (but not a low-rise), straight through the thigh and leg. It will give you a leaner appearance to you build. The Standard Fit are a little more roomy then you think, but are not as loose as the loose or relaxed fits. Note: all the jeans are not cut the same so try on a couple of the same size jeans and through wear and wash they will become softer and expand. They are true to waist but I always recommend getting a little snug fit.

    The lengths go up to 34 so you shouldn’t have a problem with your height. To even better a lean appearance, go with the darker washes. This will only enhance the V shape and have the ladies eye’s traveling in the approved directions when seeing you.

    As Ms. Thomas stated if there is a look your going for, you can always take them to a tailor and get them altered for less then 20 bucks to give them the “made for you look.”

    I work at The Gap in Northpoint so if you have any questions or looking for a time for fitting your more then welcome to visit. Best of luck.


  4. GREAT advice Kevin, I love when you guys give extensive advice! It’s always helpful:-)

  5. Just enjoying a little piece of your world. šŸ˜‰

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