Valentine’s Day Special: Urban Gentleman Valentine’s Day Advice

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Okay, I know I’m a little late with this, but I figure- better late than never, right? I was thinking about making this into a long guide type article, but decided against it after talking with a few of my female friends- it seems Valentine’s Day is about more than material things…. To help you guys out I asked a few women of different backgrounds what they thought would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or experience.

These are some of the answers I got:

“Teddy bears and balloons ended after pre-k. I had intellectual needs that a poorly-stitched bear and a ball of helium couldn’t satisfy… Needless to say, I like jewelry, getaways, panties, strawberry shortcake from Cake Love! But most of all, I love a gift that captures a part of our connection to each other and to God. No matter what the gift is, it needs to have some relevance to our relationship and show that somebody’s been paying attention.”


“Very ideally, I’d probably have to say it involves dating a musician who also happens to be a gourmet chef and tantric sex master who would welcome me home with an amazingly fresh-cooked meal, has written a song solely for me and the times we’ve shared, and so on… haha!

But more realistically, I would say that definitely the more personal the better. I look at it as a time not as much to reflect our past, but more a day dedicated to becoming even closer. Is there something one of us has always wanted to do or try? A certain restaurant, making fondue, going to play paintball, escaping to Canada, anything! just something that is guaranteed fun, and to strengthen that bond.”


“Jewelry… David Yurman to be exact. Panties, strawberries, and champagne compliment a Yurman bracelet well. A meal goes without saying. Unique luggage and plane tickets are always sweet too. Some may call it superficial, but its big fun and youthfulness! Plus, we all deserve it. :)”


“My boyfriend surprised me one year. I thought we were going out, but when I walked into his apt there was a live band playing our song, and a candlelight dinner for two set up :) Very nice and thoughtful.”


It is absolutely the thought that counts. A gift that required days or weeks of planning will yield the best results.”

Standard Date/Remixes:

-A “romantic” Dinner/ A private rooftop candlelit dinner on a sky scraper in the middle of a big city

-A picnic/A homemade picnic dinner at twilight at the nearest beach

Quality time together/Get a really nice hotel room fully stocked with food, drink, decorations (like white Christmas lights, candles, and flowers) , movies, video game console of choice (if you both play) and matching PJ’s. No cell phones or any other contact with the outside world.

I could go on and on really…”


Aside from one, the common thread in all these were the fact that each woman really just wants her Valentine to put real time and thought into what he does… She’d prefer a fun cozy night in a hotel with her favorite snacks and movies than a silver bracelet… but obviously she wouldn’t mind both.

If you absolutely without a doubt don’t have time to put alot of thought into your Valentine’s Day gift then you should just do the classics really well. Classics meaning = flowers, dinner, jewelry/gift. Have a dozen red roses delivered to her every hour for three or more hours during the day, take her out to eat at a really great restaurant (that you have spent some time researching), be really sweet to her while at the restaurant. Yanno– sit close, give her random kisses on the cheek and neck and present her with the gift- if it is small enough to fit in your pocket. Be sure to hold her hand as you all walk to the car, open her door- you know, show her that chivalry is not dead, lol. And when you get home…present her with the gift if you haven’t already. Then offer to give her a massage, then she’ll finish the rest…
For Restaurant Reviews:,,
For Restaurant Reservations: or call the restaurant.

For Jewelry: Never buy cheap jewelry, by the best you can afford, don’t compromise quality. The Shane Company is always a superb choice as well as Tiffany’s and any other high end jeweler.

For Flowers: It’s always nice to patronize your local flower shops- they often have the freshest selection. If you need to order online try But year after year I have always found that the Sam’s Club has the best flowers for the best price. If you go there by noon you should be able to pick from a plethora of fresh flowers (roses of every shade)- usually they’re 2 dozen for $16.99, but during Valentine’s Day they’re about $22 (for 2 dozen). You honestly can’t beat that!

Okay guys… I hope that helps!

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  1. lol@ the chick who doesnt want a bear and balloons- i would have to agree though… thats only for kids and teens.

    id say its a safe bet to go with the classic… but i think i may try the hotel and room idea- my girl may actually like that alot.

    thanks for the links

  2. funny picture.
    i say you can’t go wrong with jewelry- ever.

  3. Jewelry such as an I love you necklace from Tiffany works.

    Trust me all they care about is the little blue box.

    I agree with doing something different.

    A dinner cruise is always nice if you have one near you.

    If you are going to get flowers don’t get roses. Find out what her favorite flower is and buy that.

    I once hand made my girl a card with sticky letters and she loved it.

    Just be different, but thank you
    The girl who wants a musician was funny as hell.

  4. Amazing post and Oh so true, I hope the guys are making note of this.

  5. Great advice… I just bought my fiance a David Yurman bracelet. I hadnt heard of him until this post, so I asked my sister and she said he makes really good stuff. I’ll tell you how she likes it.


  6. Perfect! Thanks Jacinda, you always come through!

  7. Jacinda,
    You give sound advice to men. Kudos! I stumbled on you blog through check out The Sartorialist and I must say, you’ve caught my attention. Keep providing creative sound options and if there paying attention we’ll have healthier relationships.

  8. Jacinda,
    You give sound advice to men. Kudos! I stumbled on your blog through check out The Sartorialist and I must say, you’ve caught my attention. Keep providing creative sound options and if there paying attention we’ll have healthier relationships.

  9. Wow…this is a great blog…

  10. New Valentine's Day arrived. happiness to all lovers .. As soon as possible the non-lover, you find one I think .. If you do not like water is inside your heart to love Dries


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