In a Perfect World: Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo “Knock You Down”

Ne-Yo looks great in this video, perfect look.
Kanye, looks cool as usual.
And Keri Hilson is looking “sexy fly”. She’s been behind the scenes all these years, writing hit songs for many people in the industry including Beyonce and Ciara (just to name a few). But now she’s out (like alot of behind the people do- Diddy, Pharrell, Kanye, etc) and she’s about to be huge… I feel like she’s the female version of Kanye West, since she has ALOT of style (very original style) and she’s talented behind the scene and as an artist… be sure to buy her album, in stores now:

Keri Hilson, In a Perfect World.

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  1. robotsandskateboards

    Kanye has been rocking the pink and black hard

  2. I want to like this ’cause I want American black musicians to capture their former glory; when they made beautiful music with melody that didn’t require a click track. Kanye stretches beyond the expected boundaries so I always have hope that he’s going to give us something honest and different. The look of his concerts ARE different, I’m intrigued. The electronic sound he puts on his voice probably serves two purposes: to masquerade a less than stellar singing voice and to explore other musical territory not generally done outside of Euro techno pop, Madonna and Cher. With Keri we’re just getting Ciara in an equally pretty package. Ne-Yo is king of that effen click track, he’s got too much attitude that makes him difficult to hear and watch.

    After all is said and done, I checked out the video b/c of Kanye. He’ll remain in my musical peripheral but he better hurry up and do something good.

  3. oh wow air yeezy’s oh goodness. beautiful thangs

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